Quackwatch Being Sued by Doctor's Data

Discuss Quackwatch Being Sued by Doctor's Data at the Men's Health Forum; This: Why Doctor's Data Is Trying to Shut Me Up Because of this article: How the "Urine Toxic Metals" Test ...

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Default Quackwatch Being Sued by Doctor's Data

Why Doctor's Data Is Trying to Shut Me Up

Because of this article:
How the "Urine Toxic Metals" Test Is Used to Defraud Patients

aaannnd a pretty humorous reddit thread on the subject:
A medical lab that produces bogus results is suing QuackWatch for $10 million for daring to expose their methods : science
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Default Re: Quackwatch Being Sued by Doctor's Data

It seems the key terms are "false, fraudulent, defamatory and otherwise untruthful comments." I do not see them being successful in their suit if initiated. More than likely, the threat of a suit (or filed) will make the party think about the costs and if prohibitive comply. From my quick reading, it appears to be a scam - cut & dry. Another point is the lab feels put upon and their business hurt by the commentary. This speaks to the reach of the 'Net. For the suit to have merit, the lab must prove damages.
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Default Re: Quackwatch Being Sued by Doctor's Data

I for one, had a heavy metals "panel" done a few years back at the MD's. It was only ordered because I figured out that the lead in the paint I was griding away at was a lot higher than I expected, and I wanted to be sure I did not get any. I think it included 5-7 metals, AND THERE WASN'T ANY URINE INVOLVED. It was done on a blood draw. I haven't given a urine sample since I was about 3 years old.

So, I guess now you are thinking, well that must be what is wrong with him, and thus proof of the necessity of urine testing

Seriously, I would further like to add, that all lead lawsuits from a brief exposure MUST be bullshit. I had two lines of green paint running up my nose for about 2 weeks straight, and with plenty to report on the "post cleanout shnarf-up" every day in the shower.... Yet no lead contamination....
Disclaimer: My thoughts are fictional ramblings only. The pupose of my participation here is to stimulate fuel for thought. EVERYONE should take everything here will a large grain of salt. Use this information for your own furthe reseach ONLY.

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