Androgen Receptors Downregulate Don’t They? Part 2

In part 1 of this article we discussed the mistake of thinking about androgen receptors (testosterone receptors) in the same way we think of other receptors such as beta-receptors. Beta-receptors down regulate in response to beta-adrenergic stimulation whereas there is good evidence that androgen receptors increase in numbers in response to androgens. We also discussed the … [Read more...]

Androgen Receptors Downregulate Don’t They? Part 1

There is as much misinformation about steroids as there is good information had among bodybuilding enthusiasts. Go to any gym and you will hear some kid spouting off to his buddies about how steroids do this, or how they do that, or whatever. This soon starts somewhat of a pissing contest (excuse the expression) as to who knows more about steroids. It’s the same kind of … [Read more...]

The Thyroid Gland Part 2 – How to Renew its Activity During a Diet

Triacana - Triac - Tiratricol - TA3

The thyroid gland and the hormones that it produces are among the key factors which determine the success or failure of a diet. Because thyroid hormones are regulators of basal metabolism, they determine the daily consumption of calories. A strict diet downregulates the activity of the gland. This lowers the daily requirement in calories, obliging us to eat still less. It can … [Read more...]

The Thyroid Gland Part 1 – Fat Loss, Muscle Growth, and Diet

In this series I am going to write about the thyroid gland and the hormones that it produces (or that it no longer produces). Although the term "thyroid"' is often associated with fat loss, the thyroid also helps to gain or lose muscle. It therefore has other functions which will be described after we have established some simple ideas of physiology. I also reserve a large … [Read more...]

Nandrolone Positive Steroid Tests – What Do They Mean?

Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate)

Drug testing using IOC standards is far from perfect. For more than two decades I have criticized the short sightedness of the IOC drug testing standard bearers. And much of what I said in that period of time has turned out to be right. Among many others, I criticized, right from the start, the flawed testosterone/epitestosterone ratio used for detecting the use of exogenous … [Read more...]