Is Masteron Better for Fat Loss Than Other Steroids?

Q: Will I have better results using Masteron for fat loss on a cutting cycle than other steroids?

A: Well, you know, even after all this time it is not clear to me that there is necessarily much difference in cutting effect between different steroids, once the confounding effects of differing estrogen levels or water retention are taken out of the equation.

One thing about doing consults is that the way things actually work is that the great majority of guys already have their gear and THEN want to know what to do with it, rather than getting the advice beforehand.

And so there have been a lot of cycles where the goals were the opposite of what one might predict from the gear on hand, but that’s what the lifter had to work with.

I really can’t say that it’s clear that there were poorer fat loss results when that was the goal and that was the situation.

Maybe yes, but maybe not.

Diet, training, and individual variability were by far the more important factors so long as the AAS total dose was reasonable.

Another thing, besides estrogen and water retention, that I think may be a confusing factor is the psychological one.

Very simply, when someone buys the steroids associated with a cutting cycle he is likely to take his cutting seriously, perhaps more seriously than the lifter who bought steroids more traditionally associated with bulking.

I’m not saying there can be no difference, and I do have preferences in recommendations, but I agree with Deacon that it doesn’t take “cutting steroids” to have a very effective cut. Any of the commonly used steroids can be used effectively.

Masteron - Dromostanolone Propionate
Masteron – Dromostanolone Propionate


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