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  1. etharris
    etharris biggerben69
    Are you still on here, I need help
    1. Noah Martin
      Noah Martin
      Darius , how can I get in to touch?
      Jun 21, 2017 at 1:36 PM
  2. darkcpr
    darkcpr Nela
    Hello. I would love to get that tattoo..can you please send a link or something so I can see it ...
  3. Alexship
    Alexship Sworder
    Hi I saw that your cycle with dnp is going well I think the guy I have been ordering off of in bunk could you guide me in the right direction
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  4. false_shuffle
    false_shuffle MisterSuperGod
    What did you mean by "naps seeping". I've never heard that term before. when you commented on my post.
    1. MisterSuperGod
      Seeping through = My distaste for Naps shows itself when i post about him and his operation.
      Jun 10, 2017
  5. bigrobbie
  6. ddp7
  7. bigrobbie
  8. bigrobbie
  9. bigrobbie
    bigrobbie Big_paul
    Hey...just replied
  10. bigrobbie
    bigrobbie Big_paul
    PM'd ya bro. Hit me back if you have time.
  11. bigrobbie
  12. bigrobbie
  13. Big_paul
    Good to see you again brother. I'm diong great. If someone would kidnap my wife I'd be even better.:)
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  14. bigrobbie
    bigrobbie Big_paul
    I'm back bro! How ya been?
  15. bigrobbie
    Hello guys.
  16. Robert123
    Robert123 cornedbeefhash
    Hi there, just been trying to pm you for a bit of guidence but my message is too long. Is there any way to get round this? Thanks Robert
  17. Burrr
    Contemplating life as just a regular member.
  18. ThE ElEcTrIcIaN!!
    ThE ElEcTrIcIaN!! Oregongearhead
    Used to be very knowlegible got in a bad wreck had a hellacious seizure and memory is gone now ...just got back to working out hard again finally about 6 months ago and ran test e 500 a week with 50mg anavar ED about halfway through looking for the right AI any suggestions? Thanks for any input in advance
  19. Cewebb
  20. Cewebb
    Cewebb Big_paul
    Just join bro how do i message someone directly

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