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  1. FitnessFreak69
    FitnessFreak69 mands
    hows your luck with tb500 and bpc 157? I'm looking at those two and ostarine to heal shoulder issue. Progen Peptides any good for these??
    1. mands
      I have had great luck with tb500. I haven't had any issues to date with Progen.
      Jan 11, 2018
    2. FitnessFreak69
      you got the tb500 from progen? Just making sure about to place an order. Theres a coupon for free shipping and 44percent off its "2018"
      Jan 11, 2018
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  2. Ickyrica
    Ickyrica Tom
    Why buy from you when we have domestic sources in America that do not lie to their customers!?! Why buy from you when we have international sources that don't lie to their customers!?!
  3. Ickyrica
    Ickyrica Tom
    Hi there! What type of a man pretends to be a woman, and then pretends to be another man, then again orrtrnds to be even another dude?!? You do you, giant lying piece of shit!! Wonder how you even stay on this board? You pay for your space where all the other sources don't, that's because you suck and everyone knows that you lie and receive potential customers.
  4. Frankensteroids
    Frankensteroids mike malone
    still looking for taskmaster?
  5. Johnny Trackmarks
    Johnny Trackmarks Evom1
    Thanks for responding to my post. Care to suggest a source? Any good experiences? Thanks.
  6. Okironin
    Okironin Michael Scally MD
    My question deals with TRT. I am 60. I tried TRT and my problem is that they get my test up to 725 and my estrogen is 685. I feel great and have no effects from the high estrogen. They use arimidex and I asked if they could use something else and they won't. Off trt i keep my estrogen at 29 with DIM This is frustrating Doc and just looking for answers. Thanks
  7. JR82
    JR82 Pharmacom Labs
    I need help , My delivery will be in the US . What is the website I go to ?
  8. superpump250
    You are what you eat.
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    2. MisterSuperGod
      You calling me a pussy!? :)
      Dec 4, 2017
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  9. PharmacomStore - Pharmacom Labs
    PharmacomStore - Pharmacom Labs
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  10. PharmacomStore - Pharmacom Labs
    PharmacomStore - Pharmacom Labs
    Worldwide Pharmacom Labs Official Distributor Since 2008 -
  11. krcab
    krcab Pharmacom Labs
    I’m ordering for delivery in the USA, what is the correct website to go to?
  12. Glocker
    Glocker bartholamule
    Saw some of your other posts - Did you ever solve the hair loss issue?
  13. Wunderpus
    1. MisterSuperGod
      Bc ha ha, take that. :)
      Nov 21, 2017
    2. Wunderpus
      Not even sure how this got posted... LOL
      Nov 21, 2017
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  14. Blaksheep74
    Blaksheep74 Big_paul
    Hey everyone I'm new to the forum but really pumped about all the knowledge. Definitely was running my shit all wrong!
  15. Angus198
    Angus198 Michael Scally MD
    I'm just trying to look out for him is all I am saying.

    Thanks DOC
  16. Angus198
    Angus198 Michael Scally MD
    I know I'm and FNG but my roomie has been taking gear from anabolic pharma biz he hasn't had any labs done so I was just seeing if you ever heard any thing good about them.

    I been going threw Balkan and the gear in my eyes is good not cheep but good my lab work should be in in a day or two.
  17. Almaga1979
    Almaga1979 solo47
    Did you ever find out what was causing your anemia? Reading an old post of yours and I’m going through the same shit.
  18. iron.triangle
    iron.triangle Michael Scally MD
    Hey Doc,

    I have post finasteride syndrome. Most likely PFS induced secondary hypogonadism because I have low total t, low LH, and low FSH.

    I was wanting to ask you about your power pct and whether this could potentially help me. Have you ever had experience treating PFS induced secondary hypogonadism?

    Hopefully I hear back.

    Thanks doc.
  19. OldmanRob
    OldmanRob ironwill1951
    Born in 51, your amazing bro. Very inspirational.
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  20. IceKing07
    IceKing07 Michael Scally MD
    1. IceKing07
      Ran out of space there - But it would mean a lot to have your input. You are the most respected person on here, and the advice I'm getting is all over the place lol

      That being said I think you'll be satisfied with the work I've put in on it.
      Sep 30, 2017

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