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  1. Toni72
    Toni72 ARL4Life
    Hi friend. I am in Europe and I would like to test some product. If I take for 130euro minus 20% meso20 these OK for you? Min order is 150dollar = 130euro these fair?
  2. Gus138
    Gus138 Evom1
    Hey saw your post bout the nordi pens im interested in 1
  3. Tom
    SZOB joined AASraw, please help to find for more details or whatsapp me by +86 189 2466 0950.
    1. MisterSuperGod
      Where are those post Anavar cycle pics, Tom?
      Nov 21, 2018
    2. MisterSuperGod
      @Tom i know you saw my post above this one. What gives? You used a product that you're trying to sell to us, posted a before photo, but didn't post an after photo. This tells potential customers that your stuff must not be that good. Bad business decision there Tom. Do i have to relocate to China to help make your company a success? 'Cause i will, if the price is right. ;)
      Nov 24, 2018
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    3. Tom
      Hi dude, just take Anavar for few days and found it is taken more by ladies. So, throw it away. If I did not take it and post my picture, that will be liar's performer. So, I did not.

      Thanks for your suggestion on the business proposal! It will be headed to our boss. I am not in charge of HR.
      Nov 27, 2018
  4. Getmusa
  5. BigXib
    BigXib Pharmacom Labs
    Is the Pharmatropin sold as 10 vials of 10 i.u. each?
  6. Flathead Fred
    Flathead Fred Anonymous_anabolics
    What HGH do you currently have and price? Thanks
  7. Roca
    Roca Anonymous_anabolics
    Hey how do I contact you to do business?
  8. HaDoUR
    HaDoUR James23
    Hi James,i send you private message.Please chect it.
  9. GianT_SlayeR
    GianT_SlayeR Pharmacom Labs
    11 days, pack shipped still no tracking info. International
  10. Discodon
    Discodon Anonymous_anabolics
    Could I get email to request listing please
  11. Français
    Français Pharmacom Labs
    I have a problem. When I confirm my command, I have this message :
    Unfortunately, your order can not be formed by predetermined amounts of your favorite foods. Please refer to the assistant to resolve the matter. When you call, showing the number 123

    What is the problem and what a I must to do to resolve it

    (Sorry for my English, I'm french.)
  12. Youngfroth233
    Youngfroth233 Morefyah
    Does the r&r thing happen a lot on here I was planning on ordering from him but not after all this shit has happened smh sucks man hopefully I can come across another lab!
  13. Pxpxp
    Pxpxp Pharmacom Labs
    I’m sorry.. I made the order on the 7 and I got the email on the 6/12, saying it was handed over to the postal service.
  14. Pxpxp
    Pxpxp Pharmacom Labs
    You said tracking numbers have been updated.. my package said it shipped on 6/7. I wanted to wait at least the 7 days before writing you.
  15. PharmaComStore
  16. PharmaComStore
  17. Malibumatt
    Living the dream...
  18. 14Red88
    14Red88 ickyrica
    got the picture right this time. thanks again brother
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  19. kendallkmw
    kendallkmw swolewishes
    My next domestic purchase will probably be with dyel. Seen good reviews. Prices a little higher plus shipping cost.
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    2. bubblebuddy
      higher price indeed.... still, I have an eye on them.
      Apr 30, 2018
  20. FrancoMoraes
    Protocols are created to be followed so never break them!