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  1. WalnutBlast
    On first cycle currently
  2. bigrobbie
    Flipping for her...can't explain.
  3. gainzoclock
    gainzoclock mands
    Thanks for all the good info you bless this board with
  4. bigrobbie
    bigrobbie boxer15
    Some people swear SARMs are the fire...I just dont see it.
    I have also been disappointed with just about every Peptide I've used. CJC-1295, ghrp6, and even Igf-lr1 was a massive let down.
  5. bigrobbie
    bigrobbie boxer15
    I busted your balls on your sarm thread post. I'm sorry, I had to do it. I've actually always agreed with you before so wanted to apologize for the harsh reply.
    1. boxer15
      lol no harm done. I am skeptical about the injectable sarms as well since all the people pushing it on youtube are selling sarms. I tried regular oral sarms years ago and did not really see any benefit to it. Most people I know who saw results from oral sarms also had a test base of like 300mg/wk which is a cycle in my opnion lol.
      Jan 11, 2020
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  6. bigrobbie
    Gotta go to work on no sleep...again!
  7. bigrobbie
    bigrobbie MisterSuperGod
    Dude, go check out my post in political discourse! Crazy cartel website with 24/7 live chat support! Never seen anything like it!
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  8. bigrobbie
    bigrobbie MisterSuperGod
    Lol...I'm sorry MSG, you earn one free chuckle redeamable at your leisure.
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  9. bigrobbie
    bigrobbie MisterSuperGod
    I don't get what you posted on my profile bro, just got laid so maybe my brain isn't working, but whatcha mean?
    1. The Terminator
      The Terminator
      Well if you’re referring to the comment directly below he’s making a joke..since you did not use a comma you were saying that you emailed your friend example:
      “I emailed you my friend”
      No comma so no pause..
      “I emailed you, my friend”
      With the comma there’s a pause so you’re calling the guy your friend. Pretty obvious what you meant, the joke was a swing and a miss..
      Jan 10, 2020
    2. MisterSuperGod
      Well, having to explain it just sucked the life right outta that.

      Fuck it. Let's eat grandma!
      Jan 10, 2020
    3. ickyrica
      All in on eating Grandma! Wait, we're talking about her pussy, right?
      Jan 27, 2020
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  10. Watson63
    Watson63 Girpy
    Hey I saw your post regarding your package from oneQ. Have you gotten any updates? I’m in the same boat, I ordered and made payment on 4th also and when tracking the last update is on the 10th. I don’t understand what the fuck is going on. He assures it’s due to Christmas which I get and justified for a few weeks but this is getting a little ridiculous. Lmk if you’ve gotten any other updates.
  11. NHE15
    NHE15 Pharmacom Labs
    I've placed an order but it won't allow me to log into the website. I've reset my password twice and it still continues to say that it's incorrect. I'd appreciate it if you could pm me
  12. bigrobbie
    Starting a blast! Uuuup!
  13. Vomiit
    Vomiit Pharmacom Labs
    Hey brotha, when are you getting more novla? None of them are available to purchase on the site.
  14. TestYourlimits
    TestYourlimits Tom
    Hey, why you are not active in WhatsApp anymore?
    1. Tom
      I changed my number to a new one--+86 133 8039 2708. Please add me by this number or please me yours, I can send you a message
      Oct 5, 2019
  15. Bestgear
    My e mail -
  16. tylersburden
    tylersburden MisterSuperGod
    What the fuck is up in that Panda Thred Holy shit....
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  17. tylersburden
    tylersburden MisterSuperGod
    How to I go about throwing you a PM pimpin?
    1. MisterSuperGod
      Click on my avatar and select start a conversation.
      Sep 18, 2019
  18. Fouts
    Experienced gym rat. Eat clean! Lift hard!
  19. biggerben69
  20. bigrobbie
    God it's hot!!