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  1. Loagz
    Loagz penche
    hey Penche! I been reading a lot of your information post very good to read and learn from you thanks! do you till do the cardio for cutting?
    1. Loagz
      if you could pm me about it that would be great thanks
      Apr 21, 2017 at 8:45 PM
  2. Superman125
    Superman125 Michael Scally MD
    I just realized I posted on one your sticky's. I had a thought that maybe I wasn't supposed to do that?
  3. Samael
    Train insane or remain the same
  4. Scottyhash74
    Scottyhash74 Naps-Support
    Ready to use tje e0% off on Pharmacom products. 2 EQ 500's 3 Tren E, Anadrol, and some Tbol.
    Naps asks me fof the discount code but i can't find it anywhere on this forum.
    Thx for your time.
    Thx again!!
    I don't know how to PM you or i would.
  5. Kalima Turpin
    Kalima Turpin mands
    Hello. How do i make friends with you? I want to know you.
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    2. MisterSuperGod
      Uh-oh, big guy has an admirer. :)
      Mar 19, 2017
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    3. mands
      Go to profile and hit follow :)
      Mar 19, 2017
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  6. Juicenstein
    Juicenstein joebig
    Hey man..I saw you posting about PD and I am having very slow ordering times with him...Do you have the email for the main guy above PD???? Im using ----> fast securenym net now and I have been getting put off for some reason ..
    Appreciate it very much
  7. TylerDurdenBS
    This site is like a rabbit hole
    1. TylerDurdenBS
      Worse than smoking pot for the first time by far feel like such a newbie can't even follow dialog lmao
      Mar 11, 2017
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  8. taco33150
    taco33150 ironwill1951
    Hello.. I'm currently running eq for 20 weeks.. the first 8 I ran test 600 tren A 700 and eq 600 .. I'm in a month break from tren.. I'll start up tren again at 700 a week and lowering test to 300mg for the last 8 weeks.. will I be ok lowering test and having eq high during this tren run again..?? Going into cutting cycle obviously with the low test..
  9. buddix4u
    buddix4u Michael Scally MD
    Hi Dr , can you please help me delete my account as cannot find anything to help , thanks for your time
  10. ddp7
    ddp7 log
  11. buddix4u
    buddix4u Bigkarch
    new to this sight ,but not all else , just want to ask how good these reps are as i had 7 bottles of gear go bad and rep will not do anything ,is this common practice?
  12. Burrr
    buying gear from cdnguy by PM currently
  13. GetBigorFatTrying
    GetBigorFatTrying mands
    What's up bro can you PM me I don't know how
  14. CdnGuy
    CdnGuy Wunderpus
    Good brother 2.5 wks back in the gym after 10 months off lol Gonna start blasting April fools day
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  15. CdnGuy
    CdnGuy Wunderpus
    Hey Wunder like the updated Avi looking solid bro. But did you notice the chick in the background checking ya? Lmao
    1. Wunderpus
      LOL no I didn't! I came there to party, baby! She must've noticed! How all is well is Can., my northern brother.
      Feb 15, 2017
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  16. Turkish Pharmacy
    Turkish Pharmacy mands
    Hello Mands

    Please get my stuff lab tested, couldnt find how to PM you :)
    1. mands
      I replied to your thread.
      Feb 14, 2017
  17. Ryder Tarkin
    Ryder Tarkin Tyler81
    Did you end up trying Proviron?
  18. Dillon_21
    Dillon_21 Michael Scally MD
  19. Archaiclife
    Archaiclife Tom
    1. Tom
      Hold on a minute, buddy!
      Feb 1, 2017
  20. Nikola
    Nikola Big_paul
    man, can i talk to you? need some advise. thanks
    1. Big_paul
      Sure no problem bro pm.
      Feb 16, 2017
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