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    Binance exchange

    I use binance it is really simple to sign up. I also use there app for quick buy sell.
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    Stanford Pharmaceuticals

    He's private now I was told!
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    Moonshining with Icky

    I just made some cinnamon peach moonshine last week. I just make it for my family and friends never sell it. I also make wine and have my own personal labels. I call it Soulshine. Just a hobby!
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    POTG- odd email/request. Anyone else?

    Someone hacked my email account about 4 months ago. I was waiting on address and payment confirmation and got me for a few bucks. I didn't think anything about it. Money went to same state. But potg tried to warn me that someone was deleting my emails from him as soon as he sent them. He still...
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    Posted this in another thread. Thought might get better view here. Just curious if anyone is invested in the Iraq dinar?
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    Good idea!
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    Just curious if anyone else here is invested in the Iraq Dinar?
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    European Pharmaceuticals

    Pack landed 15 days from start to finish. Easy and perfect the way I like to do business. Thanks pharmacist!!
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    How much letro for 1g testosterone in cycle

    It's good every now and then to see someone give a direct answer. I asked dumb questions when I first started cycling. I read and did my home work. But it is good to hear from experience. That's why most come here in the first place. A few years back people helped and answered questions all the...
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    I usually blow up real quick. Mainly water weight. But get a good full look until oil kicks in. Better of with anavar just my opinion.
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    Inflamed elbow

    Honestly I can't remember the dose. But yes took it for 3 days. Hasn't bothered me again at all.
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    Cancer Sucks....My Wake UP Call and Cycle Log

    Good luck with all your goals! That primo of the Gods gear will get u there. Eat right lift right and sleep then repeat!