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    Dry heat study

    I'm no expert by any means but I imagine that it pertains to both the carrier oil before said solution and after. Of course the study was solely on the oils alone but I've always heard of certain "Lab Techs" baking for sterility. I've come across many arguments and opinions on the subject and...
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    Dry heat study

    I know most of you have heard of this before but for the ones that haven't I'll post it. Baking AAS there is something to be said about baking your steroids Especially those that do not use sterile oil to begin with. DRY HEAT STERILIZATION OF PARENTERAL OIL VEHICLES. T Kupiec1 , R Ahmad2 , P...
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    im doing somthing wrong, why wont my pump work?

    Use some plumbers putty, play do, or something similar where the top and bottom come together. Apply it from the outside after they have been assembled together. I've never tried it but I've seen and heard of people using it because the cups don't seal very well.
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    The greatest from all who are willing to tell

    Hey Mesomites I'm curious as to how and which compounds react in correlation to different body types. What works best for an endomorph to gain mass and if he adds another compound that works for him better for his body type, age Etc, Etc. I would love to compile all of the information and...
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    i think i just got scammed.

    In my opinion Jballz has done an awesome job with helping the fine men of Meso! I imagine there are a whole range of opinions but the majority will agree.
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    Has anyone tested VDs HCG?
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    What the Fuck is this?

    God no it went down the drain. I make for just myself and I would never even think of selling to others. I like my life and I'm not gonna end up in prison for short term money. Matter of fact I'm never brewing ever again!!:D Ever
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    What the Fuck is this?

    Ive had a similar instance happen to me not long ago. I had let some Residual BB set inside of a syringe from my first batch earlier in the night. There was barely anything in the syringe just what was left from squirting out a syringe full. It had eaten away at the rubber stopper in the syringe...
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    First Homebrew Checklist

    I figured so but I would hate for somebody to get burned based on my opinion. After filtering through the filter cup you can screw the cap on and save for transferring to vials later. You can transfer to sealed sterile vials that are prepared by the pros or you can buy vials, butyl stoppers...
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    First Homebrew Checklist

    Medlabsupply No I've never tried their Tren E. I Just use them for personal and I haven't tried a smorgasbord of their products. Only a handful thus far but they've passed lab max. I'm only a few weeks in so it will be a few until I get bloods. QR has a forum for their products. If you go to...
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    First Homebrew Checklist

    Yes please use the .2 as suggested by @xgunx and get yourself a caulking gun but don't put too much pressure or you'll blow out the filter. Don't forget a glass stir rod. And maybe get two beakers in case you break one when your cleaning and sterilizing. So far QR has been good for me. Theyre...
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    How To Make Tne/recipie?

    I "had a friend" who used the recipe that Hammer gave for the TNE but used half EO and the other half MCT oil and it held at 125mg per ml. He said it shoots good and filtered like water through a .22 Used it five times but the last time the rubber on the Terumo syringe from GPZ seized up and...
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    Mike Strongs new thread

    I feel that every order has been different as far as potency goes. My friends and I have noticed that we've had to alter our dose when a new batch comes in. We have bloodwork proving that it works but it's not consistent. If I can't get Pharm grade I'll use them as a backup from now on.
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    First test prop

    I would give it a try with one and see how it goes. Let us know how it turns out