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    Pharmacom Labs officials and our store

    tren a price in the eu store went from 38 to 50 euro and you wonder how you dont sell enough over the eu store with prices like that
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    Pharmacom Labs officials and our store

    caber would be amazing, the first ugl to my knowledge that would have it. you should look into raloxifene frank its way better than any other serm and is so hard to get that many ppl would just step by your shop for the raloxifene
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    can someone comment on the pharm stuff from md, is it legit?
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    Dream Cycle

    hgh,insulin and then pct rofl
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    145 lbs too small for steroids?

    30 years old competing bodybuilder is natural, sure bro
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    why does everyone fk around for sorces!!!!!!!!!!!

    reviving a 18 month old thread for that retarded question, slow clap
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    Awful lab results after PCT on simple cycle.

    Pretty normal bloodtest for pct. Your natural test needs 1-3 months to recover
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    Shoulder injury!!! Damn!!!!

    Would be great if someone could illustrate this further, I also have no idea what this guy means
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    Shoulder injury!!! Damn!!!!

    Thats pretty much what I have. I guess the "normal" is that your shoulder wont hurt anymore and wont pop out anymore. I think your strength will be fine after the sugery considering the 3 months or smth u have to stop lifting for the healing process. The surgery would make no sense at all if u...
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    First time doing a cut cycle

    Go for ED injects if possible. I would keep the test low and the tren high, you will have way less sides that way. 25 test 50 trenA ED is a good starting point imo. And it is possible to build strength on a cut cycle with tren.
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    Shoulder injury!!! Damn!!!!

    I ruined my shoulder with football, I dislocated it several times and I really gotta watch my shoulder in certain movements like military press or it just pops out. I talked to a doc and he told me that the many dislocatings kinda opened my shoulder and thats why its popped out so easy...
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    High blood pressure on cycle

    donate blood
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    u wot m8
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    4th cycle.. thoughts?

    Not a fan of high test and high tren. Could you explain why u go for high test instead of low test and maybe a third compound?