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    Ruckin's low-dose GET LEAN holiday blast

    running that 5 mile pace at 245lbs while blasting back and lower body heavy throughout the week is impressive
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    Trump: Better or worse for steroid users and sources?

    I'm going to go with that Linda McMahon and wrestlers argument and hope for the best haha
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    Hip Hop / Rap Thread

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    Can any one give me a hand with pct?

    I think what Dema listed was the "atypical" PCT cycle described by Scally in one of the sticky threads.
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    Teetotalism (abstinence from alcohol)

    Everything's been much, much better. Not saying that everything is perfect, but I am in a position now where I can manage ups and downs better than I ever could.
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    Teetotalism (abstinence from alcohol)

    Quick update: I've been alcohol free for over a year now and things have been good. New job and girl without any setbacks. I really thought it was the booze that caused a lot of my problems and I think I may have been right. Thanks for the support Meso.
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    Competition cycle

    That guy is running Tren higher than Test. That might be hard to do right off the bat but running Tren higher will keep you leaner. I've always run at least the same amount of Test as Tren. Luca, good revision to your plan. Take Tren up if your body is ok with it. Letro will dry you up but...
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    Competition cycle

    Test is kind of high compared to Tren. Are you ok with ED pinning? If yes, then 50/50 ED will work well. If no, then try 75/75 EOD or 100/100 EOD. Why no Letro? It will dry you up better than Dex for comp; just be careful with it and read up on pre-contest dosages.
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    Two types of girls agree?

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    JBallz and B79 gear up again!

    Smart move Brutus; you are wise and know this is a long-term game. Kudos to you!
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    Brutus79 And Johnnyballz Cycle Log

    Wow. Sick sets and reps guys... I'm humbled. Amazing work!!!
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    Brutus79 And Johnnyballz Cycle Log

    You are my hero.
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    Meso & Christianity

    "But he that endures to the end shall be saved." Matt 24:13
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    Favorite Drink

    It's ice cold Coca-Cola now. It once was shots chased with liquor on the rocks. Mostly whiskeys. I'm sure a few bros on here can relate!