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    Anabolic Labels - Professional & Custom, HIGH Quality Labels for your Vials, ETC.

    Placed an order operates like a gentlemen and has quality labels
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    Oral Recipes??

    Just the correct measurements with some 2 in 1 flavored humco
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    Pharmaceutical vs Generic

    If you look in alibaba they have everything you need labels vials boxes of Pharma copies for a few bux. Very easy to fake I have the pictures posted here
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    Pharmaceutical vs Generic

    Yea they were from adnan right?
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    New member

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    Hello everyone from Italy

    Welcome fellow gindaloon. Which staff members have been helpful
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    Mood lifting drugs

    I’ve had a handful Of friends that that place was the only thing that worked for them. I think it’s actually the same place holistic hope house
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    Mood lifting drugs

    Let me know when you find the miracle drug that you can take that doesn’t get you hooked and doesn’t have consequences. I searched for 15 years and all I got out of it was rehabs jail and depression. The old saying what goes up must come down comes in to Play here there is nothing out there...
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    Severe prolactin/gyno issues with Deca Discussion/HELP!

    Yea I would check. Yea caber I prefer there’s also prami and some guys use some form of b6 I don’t know too much about someone else will have to chime in on that. They’re powerful drugs I only used a handful of times never really needed to. But I used .5 caber twice a week and one time I thought...
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    Tren A Vs Tren E !

    Lol I feel like I’ve answered this question about 5 times in the past week and haven’t even been on here that much lately
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    Severe prolactin/gyno issues with Deca Discussion/HELP!

    Cabergoline and get the real shit but have you done any bloods to confirm this
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    Orals and liver

    My guess would be it would equal out the same you either beat it up all at once hard or less hits throughout the day. Imo I don’t think it would matter and would still split them for the consistent levels
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    First tren cycle help.

    Me too I’ve had so many times when I’ve had time off and came back so quick from previously built muscle
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    First tren cycle help.

    Muscle memory is a Fuckin great thing
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    First tren cycle help.

    Haha yea man I can’t talk shit to you I’ve done way worse where I’ve been in situations where I couldn’t lift for some time or a bad drug run where I lost a lot and summer was coming and hopped on grams of all types of shit and I’ll tell you it worked but just giving you the better advice for...