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    Test base?

    Nope, I've been doing it the same way since I posted. Stuff is magical. I still primarily use it on leg day or any other day I'm feeling run down.
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    Pump For Filtering

    I use a robinair electronic vacuum with a gauge and ball valve. It requires oil, but works great. I'd rather have an oilless but they are pricey!
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    Quality raws... Ordering RAW first time, any suggestions???

    I have lots of their stuff. I'll refrain from providing a can find several from me by searching. A few months ago their email and DNS server went off the grid for a week or two. They came back and things were normal but little info disclosed on the downtime.
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    I probably had 3x what Brutus had including some of the 30ml Cyp. Tossed all of it as well. The Cyp had quite a bit of pip even when redosed at 200mg/ml. His stuff is junk.
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    Quality raws... Ordering RAW first time, any suggestions???

    This. I would recommend silica bags in the vacuum bags and a light blocking bag such as a metallic coffee bag. Compounds except Tren are stable even in room temp. Lasts a looong time and potency loss is minimal. Search shelf life and bill Roberts and you should find some good info.
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    To ask for my $ back or not to ask that is the question ?

    There has been a lot of activity lately. Could all be part of that operation blue shield or whatever it was called in one of the recent busts. There was a news story where they mentioned the operation name and mentioned that it was coordinated by Feds, state, postal, etc.
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    Landmark chem

    Yep, I'll plan to post them. I think I'm just a couple weeks away...stuck it on my calendar
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    Boldenone Undecylenate

    I would recommend including BB. BB also plays a role in keeping the hormone in the injection depot and thinning out the solution.
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    Boldenone Undecylenate

    I transfer my bag to a small wide mouth screw top jar (like a prescription bottle). I use a syringe without needle for dosing. You will loose a very small amount in the tip. Your going to have a few losses. Just order extra grams.
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    Boldenone Undecylenate

    My bad, your correct. I thought he was asking about displacement.
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    Boldenone Undecylenate

    Not correct. Regardless of test ester, displacement isn't 1g to 1ml.
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    Boldenone Undecylenate

    Actually, EQ displacement isn't 1 to 1. This is based on chem spider density/displacement. 1g of EQ in raw is 0.948ml of displacement.
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    Talk to me about Deca...

    From what I've read, high Deca with low test plus regular prolactin control = no sexual problems. Haven't tried it but seems reasonable.
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    Canadian Humalog?

    That's who I've used.
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    Canadian Humalog?

    The results would be as you expect. It's pharma grade question to it. I get my humalog from Canada.