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    winny,clen,test prop cycle. Need some advice!

    Use it at 50-100mgs eod. You want to stay anabolic as possible while dieting to ensure that the majority of your weight loss is from fat and not a combo of fat and muscle
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    hey boys cycle ready to go ..feel free to critique

    Change deca to weeks 1-11 and finish the HCG before starting the Nolva at week 14
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    Winstrol experts...

    I have seen that in 10mgs, but some labs might make them a higher dose or have changed actual dose
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    Injecting 10 Andriol caps/week=Diarrhea

    Im not trying to be mean at all when I say this, but did you REALLY expect that to work? you cannot draw out the conents of an oral and think its ok to inject yourself with it. There is a reason its made as an oral. ONLY INJECT INJECTABLES
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    New Cycle - Senior Members Please

    Cycles for fun and cycles for contests are totally different things. Everything is laid out for one goal, the day you step on stage. Eliminate the deca and up the tren to 400mgs to really get in the sweet spot. What I would suggest would be a testE/mastE/trenE cycle and then 6 weeks out, switch...
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    Best Use of Yohimbine

    EC stands for Ephedrine and Caffeine
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    First cycle, need opinions !

    Use HCG during cycle up until PCT. Dont use Nolva on cycle, use adex and if you want to PREVENT estro sides, run a small dose (.25mgs e3d) the entire cycle starting from day one. Start nolva/clom at week 14
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    help 5 bottles sus and 10 bottles decca

    A few questions. Why cant you get more? Have you ran either before? Are you taking any caber or prami? Are you taking HCG? And when you say bottles, do you mean VIALS or AMPS?
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    2nd Cycle suggestions?

    I wouldnt go with tren AND EQ on your second cycle, especially while looking for an oral. I would say a test/EQ cycle with either Var or Tbol would be a good lean bulker And yes, elivated androgen levels can have that effect on the nipples
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    best liver supplement?

    Studies have proven that time after time, the BEST thing to restor proper liver enzyme levels is r-ALA (followed by ALA) then by NAC
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    Expiration date on Ephedrine, and can it be used?

    The general rule of thumb on supps is if they were stored correctly will lose between 5-10% potency every year they are expired. With ephedrine, the degridation can also translate into the capsule which might result in some heart burn as the pill could begin dissolving on its way down vs in the...
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    peoples thoughts on NaNo Vapour

    Not a fan at all. All it did for me was make me fall asleep. I am a fan of NOXplode and NO Shotgun
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    cardio before or after the iron?

    After, done! ;)
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    Dieting important? Well ok!

    A simple reduction in cals (not a low cal diet) along with cardio and maybe ECA will do the trick
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    damn you test 400

    Agreed. You either need to stock up on much more, or just not worry about it. Why not try some GH releasing peptides or IGF to get similar effects of GH in a much shorter time frame