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    tren ace and mast prop in same pin.

    yep, your GTG

    Meso drug addicts

    Been over 15 years and I still have at least one of those Crack dreams every year. Usually something weird like I am all loaded up and cant find a lighter, or I'm in the bathroom at my in laws house. Crazy how that shit is still imprinted in my brain.

    My first Powerlifting Meet prep - questions/comments

    Update: I had my first meet yesterday, it was a blast, I highly engourage anyone thinking about doing one to jump in and do it. I made 8 of 9 lifts with the one miss being a DQ for jumping the gun on the press command benching. Set 2 PR's one in squat for 330 lbs and it felt easy probably had...

    What is your "go to" research chemicals company right now?

    Blue sky cialis, mt2, tb500 and Clen have all worked well for me lately, but @Bighead101 says his Clen was under dosed. Classic problem with RC companies, hit and miss. I think they put his Clen in my batch cause I can barely stand 10 drops or 40 mcg

    Meso drug addicts

    Amen brother. Preach that truth. Thought I was the only one who loved that burnt rubber band taste.

    opinions on "fit-bit watches"

    No, it only monitors, does nothing but alert you to your sleep patterns. Sleep, restlessness, and awake periods are the levels that it monitors. It gives you a graph showing when and for how long you were in each during the night. The garmin version also breaks down the sleep levels down into...

    opinions on "fit-bit watches"

    I have been using one to monitor my heart and sleep for about a month. Fit bit HR - works pretty well for both. In wo mode it will real time track you heart rate, it was cool at first but only confirms what you already know, tough exercises raise your heart rate. :) I have a love hate...

    Private Labs MD monthly coupon code

    Save 15% off of your total purchase amount at Private MD Labs from now until August, 31 2015. Use coupon code PKCR45 at checkout.

    Best way(s) to intentionally fail a TRT test?

    My brother ran winny for 10 days stopped 6 days prior to test and bingo. They did question his liver values but assumed it was the meds he was on.

    your experience with melanotan II

    you still need to - want to tan. Its just that even reflected sunlight will tan you when on M2 so those places that normally stay light, darken up.

    your experience with melanotan II

    Im in AZ so no tanning bed needed, don't even need to take your shirt off to tan. But I spend maybe 1 hour on weekends doing yard work shirtless. Plus I am a mile high so atmosphere is thinner up her easy to tan. That is probably why it works so well for me. Only thing that looks weird to me...

    your experience with melanotan II

    Start low, I am irish but tan pretty good, I loaded the first time 100mcg every couple days and turned very very dark. Almost got deported in an INS raid, but seriously, If you are a high responder like myself 100mcg twice a week no front load and you will be plenty dark. Cause....Wait for...

    European Pharmaceuticals

    1:1000 (1 mg/ml) amp? I think Epipen is .1-.25 mg, interesting will be in touch.

    Trump vs McCain

    Being in a border state I have to deal with this on a weekly basis, guys bidding jobs just a few hundred over cost on small jobs and a few thousand on large projects. Its not worth doing business and taking on that kind of liability for chump change. One little screw up and your in the...