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    Lab Test Anali/Jano/Lab4

    I mostly just lurk these days to keep up with what’s going on. Thank you @NandroXL for helping out the members testing a way for people to test stuff.
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    I tend to lurk these days but I gotta say this is a first. A source begging for a redo because negative feedback. Fuck out of here you don't get a redo. You want to know how to change that fix up your shit and in time people attitudes will change. If you want to become a good source this is the...
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    Hip Hop / Rap Thread

    Haven't been posting much just creeping these days. Not really rap to workout to but I like this dude it's somethign different True Baller Video lol This shit cracks me up
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    Hard Fork

    I agree with you @DrinkFlintWater. I read that thread just realizing it's slightly over my head as a first time starting point. I didn't understand stocks much in the beginning either. I did paper trading for awhile enter than the housing bubble happened so I learned in something I didn't plan...
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    Hard Fork

    Thanks @MindlessWork and @FiEnD. I kind of figured as much. I'll stick with stocks for investing, bitcoin confuses the crap out of me. I mostly wanted to use it to buy some things and clean the wallet out as I haven't a clue if the market will go up and down but with the long delays...
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    Hard Fork

    I'm a Bitcoin newbie. So with this hard fork coming should I hold out buying BTC from coinbase till after August 1st?
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    Anabolic Labs forum and donation

    Well since I'm finally going to use bitcoin for ordering I wanted to start contributing to Anabolic Labs as well since it has been a great help in the past for me. I was wondering why I don't have posting privilege on that forum =(, also how I can link up my account to get a cool donor logo =).
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    Pharmacom TestE 500 - 12wks

    She should be glad with all the extra sexual benefits. After a few more piping sessions as long as you don't flip on her she'll be happy and never want you to come off lol. The bad thing is if you do flip on her it will always be blamed on roid rage, so now you need to be extra careful of your...
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    Pharmacom TestE 500 - 12wks

    Pip normally takes about 2 days to kick in for me on TE. Don't freak out if you get a huge knot it isn't an infection. Also nice job so far keeping a detailed journal, I have always been to lazy for journals on the boards. Heck I've been to lazy to post for months had to deal with some drama...
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    Pharmacom TestE 500 - 12wks

    I made that mistake my first cycle time as well back when TE500 was a little cheaper than 300. Figured it would be less pain and cheaper so double win. That PiP isn't a joke the pain is real lmao. I'll stick to 250-300 vials for now on. I would try to avoid delt shots if you can that knot in...
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    How Much To Eat on first cycle

    You should eat what you normally eat and change things up as you go according to how your body responds. In all honesty my first cycle I actually ate less than off cycle I grew plus got leaner. My thinking at the time was I didn't want to be become a bloated whale would lose a ton of water...
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    Looking for a good time? Check this out!

    I don't even know how to dude found some of those things lol
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    Looking for a good time? Check this out!

    Technically that bitch big enough to count as two so would that make it a two some. Back on Iron Den which I haven't been on really since discovering Meso some dude used to post pics of some nasty bitches and ask would you hit it or not. I think I need to start doing that weekly here for some...
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    Clomiphene Citrate Treatment for Late Onset Hypogonadism: Rise and Fall

    This perplexes me, does this mean Clomid would not hold up for people cycling off for good? or longer than 3 monthes. If clomid is useless for holding things up what would be the point? A lot of people have crappy sides with clomid. I know this is only one case study but it has me asking a...
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    Kevin levrone comeback

    I know he's always been 6 monthes training 6 monthes with his band. What I mean is the dude was off for much more than 6 monthes. If anything I think it would be like when he first started competing if you see pics of him year over year he grew bigger each time before he was in running for the...