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    British Dragon GMP VIA WORLD PHARMA

    Strange how every person who posts about using this always includes a (promotional) photo. I doubt it meets GMP standards if it's really overdosed by that much. ;)
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    Body Research

    Body Research brand is no longer a Thai FDA registered product. March Pharma is registered. That doesn't make it fake, just no longer considered "Human Grade". Of course, there are fakes of this, and any other popular product.
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    They have to keep their prices high in order to pad their legal defense fund. ;)
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    First cycle, short burst 5W T. Prop + Var + HGH

    If you're really 19, or anywhere close to that, don't use steroids.
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    helios is it for real

    I've heard of people using it. It sounds dangerous to me. I wouldn't touch this stuff from the black market.
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    helios is it for real

    Or too many pop tarts and donuts. ;)
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    Endurance Cycle

    12 hours of straight cardio? What kind of program is this?
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    Why is Norma Testosterone Enanthate so thick?

    I've used Schering a few times, and it's super thick as well. I like to place the amp in hot water to thin it out first.
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    BodyTech by Vitamin Shoppe. Stick with Monohydrate. Don't buy into the BS marketing.
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    9mnths on trt can I restart naturally without drugs if I stop TRT

    Yes, you can recover without PCT (generally speaking, not you in particular). It could be the difference between a 6 week recovery vs. a 6 month recovery. It might be difficult to guage your recovery since you had low T to begin with, combined with taking other medications. I'm no TRT expert...
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    Is it hard to get legit Anavar?

    How many people really know their source? It typically isn't someone you have lunch with or anything. There are some deals to be had from raws from China, but you'll just be taking a big gamble there, just like anywhere else. I've heard Novocrine Oxasim (Oxandrolone) is legit.
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    Newbie help

    Test only would be best for a first cycle. Long esters would be better since injections are new to you. My advice: Pick up some Test E. You can still use your prop to help kick start your cycle. Also, use the prop for the last two weeks of your cycle so can begin your PCT sooner. Run...
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    Those are some serious doses. Do your cycles typically look like that?
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    Some problems during test cycle

    I've never had that problem, but I've always been proactive about estrogen control, so maybe that's the culprit. It sounds like you're on the right track with the proviron. I've always used arimidex or nolva during a cycle, so I don't know the proper femara dose without looking it up. Maybe...
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    Schering Testoviron

    They're excellent as long as they aren't counterfeit.