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    European Pharmaceuticals

    Another successful order for my HCG. Thanks for the reliable service pharmacist
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    AlphaUSA update/new prices list/

    Been using Sigma Test E at 200 a week for a straight year now. Its reassuring to have confidence in your gear and knowing that 200 mg is always gonna be 200 mgs. Good stuff Nandro, consistent gear from a consistent source.
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    Fake Racism

    You think thats all there is to racism? blacks killing blacks? Its the fact that people think its all good now, slavery is over and they have been able to eat at white counters for 60 years now so get over it. Its gonna take a long time for the distrust between the races to end.
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    UGL's dont be stupid with postage label services

    Dark web drug vendor tripped up by using postage meter, feds say Drug dealers busted for using a postage label service...
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    AlphaUSA update/new prices list/

    I use the Sigma test e for TRT, been on it for a few months at 200 a week. no bloods yet but feel like my levels are spot on.
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    Traveling Europe w/ TRT meds

    thanks guys I'll let him know to stay the fuck out of sweden
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    Traveling Europe w/ TRT meds

    One of my gym buddies is doing a 3 week tour of western europe. hitting France, Spain and Germany He has planned on just throwing a vial and ancillaries in the checked bag. Any European countries that are gonna go midnight crossing on him for some UGL test?
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    The Basics of Ordering Bloodwork

    Hormone Panel with Estradiol Sensitive and Testosterone LC/MS-MS Remove from Wishlist $109.99 I would say this is a good choice. It has the sensitive e2 as well as the testosterone buy LC / MS. You can upgrade from here, adding a cholesterol lipid test. There are other things you can add, igf...
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    The Basics of Ordering Bloodwork

    Ruger, With private MD you will have to be sure that the test method for testosterone is lc-ms MS. Regular testing methods like the Roches testing method will get you a crazy high inflated number from the NPP. I usually use Labs MD, they always test with the updated method. I will have a look at...
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    4 year cruise and pct log

    That is fucking nuts. You got rapists getting probation, and guys like you in prison. Xtc is a white kid drug, but they gave you a black kid sentence.
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    European Pharmaceuticals

    While Oxytetracycline is a good choice for treating STDs there are probably better broad spectrum antibiotics.
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    Street Beefs

    have you guys stumbled across this yet. A back yard fight club out of Virginia. They started as a gloves up guns down alternative to young people shooting each other, been growing a bunch over 10 years. I find it very entertaining to see how most untrained, or moderately trained people throw...
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    Steroids absorption issues??

    Where the fuck did this idea come from?
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    AlphaUSA update/new prices list/

    And next time try about an eighth of a pill. A little goes a long way