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    HCG Restart

    How about this then.
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    HCG Restart

    Any hormone will suppress the HPTA in high amounts. However, most studies have shown that DHT either didn't suppress or did mildly, how are you going to contradict a study without a study or link of your own to speak for you? Don't think that exactly displays much intellect. As far as RS...
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    Silk Road or another black market as said here. Surprise: Silk Road isn't the only place to score drugs online Those links would be correct. Too bad bitcoin is having such an issue right now. That, you can blame mostly on covert op's from the Fed's / INTERPOL. On normal're...
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    HCG Restart

    Just because a doc made a comment on one of my post's, doesn't mean it applies to all,. so unless you have something more fitting, nobody is going to completely disregard my advice. Also, a good portion of the users on here have either been to the natty realm and got confused, came back, and...
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    That's nice but oral compounds are still inferior to injectables. Though I do love me some proviron.:rolleyes: Winstrol orals sucked compared to injectable. My favorite is still between Tren and Masteron.
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    HCG Restart

    Back your words up CBS. Posting "total crap" does absolutely nothing. Long-term transdermal dihydrotestosterone therapy: effects on pituitary gonadal axis and plasma lipoproteins. RS Transaderm Facts and Benefits: By Dylan Gemelli - YouTube
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    HCG Restart

    He could still benefit from the hCG, but aromatase inhibitors yield better results / TT over time. I really think as far as HRT - a better idea than just T gel would be a multitude of gel's. Such as RS Transaderm (DHEA,Pregnenolone,Resv), Andractim DHT Gel and AndroGel. This would yield the best...
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    Who thinks Contagion is an ***** and should go away

    On here for a minute. Look's like there was relatively little activity on here while I was gone. What happened? Did your ballsack drop off TM?
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    Energy Drinks

    Redbull is alright. Nos sucks.
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    Diets Rich in Antioxidant Resveratrol Fail to Reduce Deaths, Heart Disease or Cancer

    Re: Diets Rich in Antioxidant Resveratrol Fail to Reduce Deaths, Heart Disease or Can It's saying it can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer...not necessarily cure it. Though I believe that many herbs/antioxidants in combination can cure cancer. Problem is everything is mass-marketed...
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    Competition Preparation And Recovery

    Nice article Scally!
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    Who thinks Contagion is an ***** and should go away

    This is the only post I am going to write today, I have too much shit to do to be arguing with 10 different people who have hardly any intelligence. Notice Scally doesn't stick around for the flame wars, because he actually understands some maturity. In regards to the quote that has come up...
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    Scared of TRt Please review labs

    You can try some natty T-booster's but I don't know how well they will help if you have been secondary hypo for as long as you have said. Other than that, only suggestion is hCG + SERM + AI + TRT.
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    Scared of TRt Please review labs

    I don't think it's a good idea to stay having low you? I mean you're just asking for premature aging if you do.