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    site injections

    i was just curious if anyone has tryed site injections Like in the bi's and tri's? How has it worked? Have u seen more gains doing it that way then In the ass? I just wanted you guys to share your thoughts about it. Thanks
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    on cycle and Need help with diet

    Okay im on a cycle sus 300mg dbol 40mg anavar 20mg.. ive been eating clean. Ground beef, chicken breast, Steak, turkey breast, fish then taking in prolab N large the weight gainer for calories and protein. I take in another weight gainer also. my goals are to Put on Muscle While keeping Bodyfat...
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    hey guys need help gotta few questions

    Okay well i started a cycle but it seems like im Gaining But also gaining weight in my stomach.. Is this From Bloating or fat gain.. My diet Is good i mean im taking 4500 calories and around 400 grams of protein. im training hard. i dont have a thing to see my percent of fat. my waist went up a...
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    how does everyone get their pens

    How does everyone get their pens sence you gotta have a script for them.
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    smuggling steroids from mexico

    im just curious if anyone has smuggled steroids from mexico before? and how did you do it? im just curious if thats how any of you guys get your gear. and how it worked.
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    has anyone used anavar

    has anyone used anavar? i heard it doesnt work good by its self. So has anyone used it with dbol and something Like sus250? did it work good for you? what were your doses and how long did you take it? ive heard from some people that it works real well with test and dbol im just asking you guys...
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    Test tren and deca cycle question.

    i was woundering if anyone here has done a test tren deca cycle.. i thought i heard that Tren and deca wasnt good together is that right? Give me your idea guys
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    When Will results start showing.

    im 5'10 started at 165 now 176 This is my first cycle and my calories are 3000-4000 and protein is around 300 ED.
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    When Will results start showing.

    Okay ive started my first cycle i took my second shot Monday and ive gained weight around 10 pounds. But it seems like Most of it is Water weight because my Measurments are the same. and also my strength hasnt really changed yet.. When Does this start kickin In? My cycle is Test 400mg a week...
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    Help on cycle

    im 22
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    Help on cycle

    Im not sure which Cycle i want to go with i thought you guys can help me out..i was wanting to Bulk up and this is the cycle i was wanting to do. The cycle will be for 6 weeks Test400 400mg for the first week then move it up 800mg a week deca300 300mg for the first week then move it up to...
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    does test400 Hurt as much as every1 says?

    Does Test400 hurt as much as every1 says? What do u guys think?
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    hott rox or Stacker 2 with ephedra

    Which One Do you guys think is better Hott rox or stacker 2 with ephedra.. Im Currently Taking the stacker 2 but Wasnt for sure to switch to the hott rox ive never tried it before. So what do u guys think.. and Also How much do you guys take of Hott rox Or stacker 2?
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    Question about Estrogen Blocker

    Does anybody know?
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    Question about Estrogen Blocker

    Okay i was woundering if you could use legal Estrogen Blocker Insteed of Like clomid and Nolva.. Does Legal estrogen blocker work? Has any1 tried it? i was just wondering if it worked good enough to use it. Guys tell me what you think.