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    Test prop inject for sure..add some tren lots of var.What are you going to do for pct stateside?
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    1st time trying this .... im gonna do 10week cycle equipoise and test

    You already sound like you have an awesome base.But 4 months lifting experience means you are a novice at best.Stay natural several more years.This will give you time to learn what works for your etc..
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    Advice for cutting

    ketogenic diet works wonders.
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    Tren A first cycle

    Throw in an oral like dbol....
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    Advice for cutting

    You can use all the "research chems" on the shelf but they will not work very well if the diet is off.I would try keto for 45-60 miracles.:)
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    Good to be back

    H, You have to make time to get in and se someone about the back.Those injuries are serious bro.Get in somewhere this week and follow up with us.d
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    sus/dbol cycle

    Pictures would be good.The house arrest does not sound good ?
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    Good to be back

    Whats up ?
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    Romney 2012

    Re: Republicans 2012 I too am angry with repubs and dems and am sick of same old shit politics in washington.Kinda like wiping your ass on a wagon wheel ! Same old shit !!! We do need major change in America for sure.Wealth redistribution is not the answer,fair tax would help,less entitlement...
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    What was your longest cycle? be honest.

    I have 20 plus years of lifting experience..age 47 now.Ran aprox 8 heavy cycles through the years.I began last january using 250 mgs test enth weekly and have been on since.I feel great,look great,have very visble abs,have super sex drive,am motivated,positive,sleep wel etc etc etc....Part of me...
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    sus/dbol cycle

    I agree with Millard.The diet and gym routine must be nailed down and dialed in 110% before starting any cycle.Do you have any pictures of yourself at 4.5% body fat ???What are your goals for this cycle ?
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    lean bulk cycle help.

    I would not mix tren with adrol or dbol..just does not make sense to me.Just use the test and tren.Since you are using enth test go 14 weeks with that and 16 weeks with tren ace....
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    Trenbelone good idea or Bad..??

    Really bad idea brother ! In case you have not heard steroids are illegal in USA.
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    watered down/ fake??? need help

    You have a good attitude.Many will help you on this board.Try keeping a record of what you eat for a few months..add the extra meals like we talked about.You will begin to eat more..little at a big rush.But yes,sometimes you will have to eat when you feel full.One thing I do is train...
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    Another first timer.

    You are skating around my questions,this is why you did not get any responses.