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    Getting to the gym after working hard outdoors

    Stay Hydrated. I'm an ironworker. Outside in all conditions. In the summer, when it gets really hot, 3 days a week of compound lifts is all you need to keep gains. You should cut up nice. You can't bulk while busting your ass in 90 degree heat for 8 hours.
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    Tricks of the Trade

    Hiding it from your wife is a recipe for disaster IMO.
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    Tricks of the Trade

    This. I wake up early for work and pin first thing. Or go late at night when they're in bed. Not that difficult. Better to get caught at home then the office... Lock the door.
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    would like to here some experience with Halo

    Other then the last week or so leading up to a PL meet, it's not worth it IMO. TNE + Halo on meet day = smashing PR's.
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    Confession Box

    Did you rinse the blood off with a splash of blue water, and go on your merry way?
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    TNE Experiences

    Watch your BP and look out for quick aromitization. I've had my BP shoot up to 164/98 recently after a TNE pin pre-workout. I save it for special occasions.
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    Confession Box

    In high school, I banged my girlfriend with a cucumber. When I was done, I rinsed it off and put it back in the fridge so her mother wouldn't ask where it went. I couldn't stop giggling like Quagmire when everyone was eating salad a dinner :eek:
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    Test Suspension

    My wife says my mouth tastes like pine sol after I pin TNE.
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    test suspension question

    FWIW I had to up my aromasin from 12.5 mg EOD to 25. I'm running 50mg TNE pre-workout 3 times a week.
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    test suspension question

    Are you taking TNE or Suspension? TNE and hour pre-workout is great. I did Suspension a few times back in the day, and the water based solution felt like there was a bug crawling around under my skin. That shit HURT!!
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    236 million steroid users in the world!

    If you listen to Henry Waxman, people should be dropping dead everywhere.
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    I gained 25-30 lbs my first cycle. There was a time when I thought walking around with a giant moon face and 40 lbs of water on me was cool :)
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    Twice a day workouts

    A friend of mine on another board has "Conquer yourself through self-experimentation" as his sig. I whole-heatedly agree with that. Sometimes you just got to guniea pig yourself for awhile, and see what happens.
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    Looking for a little veteran advice on my up coming cycle

    Tbol was designed to basically be non-aromatizing dbol. It was a favorite of the East German Stasi drug program, especially for women, in the 70s and 80s.
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    Girls not allowed?

    Very Impressed! Welcome to Meso.