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    Blood work on ifit test c

    When you are providing your injections at different days during the week, absorption rates could alternate readings person to person. The most reliable method in my opinion is once a week shots. Or of course actually chemical lab work on the product you are using. Regardless I will say those...
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    24k Test E (MCT) Mid Cycle Bloods

    good range for dosage :)
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    Who is your Favorite FEMALE bodybuilder

    always thought this was photoshopped. Looks too good to be true
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    Who Will Be President?

    Donald Trump condones this forum when asked in a public interview.
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    Hip Hop / Rap Thread

    haha yes, good memories good memories, miss the 90's. Great times Im the last generation of that.
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    Hip Hop / Rap Thread

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    Hip Hop / Rap Thread

    there will never be another like andre 3000 and big boi in this lifetime
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    Cardio Blows

    You need to be challenged in order to accomplish anything, you need to have the drive. You're gonna have to mess around with different means of cardio until you find your niche. I personally enjoy stair master and jump roping. Its not just turn it on and go, maybe the level setting can change...
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    24k Pharma US Domestic Source

    Thanks brick you the best!
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    Need advice (wife)

    The only solution to any appealing outcome in any relationship is communication. You are only burning yourself the longer you keep this inside the cage. And even if it appears to calm, it will haunt you for the rest of your life.
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    24k Pharma US Domestic Source

    Is there a recent price/item list for 24k? I Can't seem to find it. I would go with first page but I read of people ordering items not on that first list through out the thread.
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    The Fittest Man in History

    crossfit propaganda.
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    1 day out from show

    how long is your typical contest prep demon?
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    What my son was doing Friday at midnight

    I noticed your son lifts at anytime fitness. The anytime fitness around my area was converted from a golds gym. They also inherited all the hammer strength and dumbbells up to 200lb's. Its truly unique for that type of gym chain.
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    What my son was doing Friday at midnight

    At that age i was doing no different, shit i think I've been at the gym at a time or two around 2am pumping iron.