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    Ip china maybe out business

    I used to order all of my gear from ip, for a good 6 years or so. I would spend a lot 2 or 3 times a year always had very good dealings with them, I did have 2 seized packs over the years and they made good and resent both packages to me at no cost. The gear used to be good, but towards the end...

    I agree Volt, I can't see spending $500+ to run gear that your "testing" in hopes of it being good so you can get store credit. If its not good you have store credit worth what? I love getting blood work before and during my cycle's. I've used the same guy for the past 8 or so years and my...

    Looking for Ketamine - my cat has tummy ache

    HAHAHAHA I find it wonderful that you are that creative to put that number up. I made my day! E

    Looking for Ketamine - my cat has tummy ache

    honestly you have a better chance of not killing yourself in a game of Russian Roulette then you do finding that kind of shit on meso. PS: Get Fucked bro, enjoy your day fucking your cats. E

    First Cycle

    Looks good brother, keep a very detailed log and remember, you'll never get your first cycle back so balls to the wall man! E

    For the new guy out there looking around

    Very well said! E

    MLG, got a package today, I did not order

    I just checked my email and back in Nov 2013 when I asked him for a list I told him I got his email from someone on Meso. So yes he knows. I am going to test it and se what happens. E

    MLG, got a package today, I did not order

    I have considered having it tested just to find out. I think I might do it and if it is any good I will keep it on hand just to have incase I ever ran short mid cycle for some reason. The only thing I can think of is they are selective in the quality they send out. Maybe they did send me...

    MLG, got a package today, I did not order

    I'm surprised that its not cloudy at all and no floaters. I am however going to try the "Supermans" Its supposed to be Cialis and Viagra mixed, I will let you know how that works out. I hope me cock doesn't fall off[:o)]
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    list of sources who follow member code of conduct

    I agree, it would have its good and bad. I think to have a good trusted thread to turn to for a good reliable source can 1) save good meso members a lot of money from being scammed by scum 2) help keep the scamming scumbags from getting any Meso members money. If we can possibly get a thread...
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    MLG, got a package today, I did not order

    It was a few weeks ago and I sent him the order and shipping info but did not include any payment, In my email with my order I asked if he wanted western union or money pak? I never got a reply and a day later after reading a lot I learned he went south so I was happy I did not buy anything. I...
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    MLG, got a package today, I did not order

    OK a few weeks ago I could not get logged into Meso, I was looking in old emails for a list I had with the sources I've used. MLG was in there and I emailed him for an updated list as I did with a few others, I sent MLG an email back I was going to place a small order for 5 vials and 50 caps...
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    GE-TM Labs domestic shipping

    Thanks man
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    GE-TM Labs domestic shipping

    He still have a website? I've been looking and cant find it. Thanks E
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    Astro Labs US Dom and Intl SRC

    Sorry I did not want to read 400+ pages. Thought I would ask and get someone to have a helpful answer! E