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    2nd cycle suggestions

    I'd say figure out how to cut and bulk before you jump on another cycle. It's a waste of gear if your diet is off. At 225 you shouldn't be eating 1600 calories a day to cut
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    Best protein powder for the money?

    For the same price there are way better options than body tech bro lol that is by far one of the worst proteins I've ever used
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    AlphaUSA update/new prices list/

    I did by accident I was trying to quote the other dude
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    AlphaUSA update/new prices list/

    Go away you little noob. I've used Nandroxl 3 times already and I've always gotten my stuff on time. There was even a mix up with one order and he went out of his way to correct the issue right away. Why are you so impatient? You were just begging for the list the other day and even posted on...
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    AlphaUSA update/new prices list/

    Straight up homie needs to chill out and maybe try wickr next time before pmsing lol
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    I know epistane was by far one of my favorite orals I got crazy strength gains, dry gains, and it even helped me reverse a gyno flare up back in the day I've used it to kick start a few cycles and it was the bomb. Very harsh on the liver at higher dosages I even went up to 60mg I believe back...
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    Masteron - who rates it?

    I just added mast e at low dose to my blast to mainly help with estro sides and add a little boost to the blast Strength has been going up, definitely getting harder, and my estro sides have gone down quite a bit. I went from taking aromasin every day to every other day once I added the mast in
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    AlphaUSA update/new prices list/

    I've used his nolva which was legit helped with a little flare up and its pharma
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    Craigslist gear

    I dont see the problem I get gear off craigslist all the time
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    AlphaUSA update/new prices list/

    Damn bro the quarantines making you that impatient haha
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    AlphaUSA update/new prices list/

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    Cruise until corona passes?

    Shit I got the guys at the front desk to give me the code for the gym lol
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    AlphaUSA update/new prices list/

    @NandroXL for some reason a lot of the labs you uploaded are locked
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    HGH - Domestic USA

    Haha I was just about to get into crypto and forex hahaha there goes that thought lol
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    AlphaUSA update/new prices list/

    Hell yea let us know how that treats you. I'm just unfortunately also prone to male pattern baldness so im playing it safe this time around especially since I'm running tren with it too. I'm for sure going to try running it at 400 to 500mg on my next blast