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    HilmaBiocare Official EU

    I would love to see testing of additional gear aside from this one.
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    Injection Pathology [Oleoma/Lipogranuloma]

    It’s those big guns.
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    The Basics of Ordering Bloodwork

    To use Labcorp goto Use discount code RHINO for 15% off.
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    The Basics of Ordering Bloodwork

    Use the code RHINO. It doesn’t expire.
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    Private Labs MD monthly coupon code

    Try code RHINO, it shouldn’t expire. If no work the use May2018.
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    Peptide source - I have a few

    Buyresearchliquids is having a BOGO sale on liquids an 15% off peptides, code GU
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    Peptides discount codes:

    Anybody have any codes?
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    Pharmacom Labs officials and our store

    Two or three probably no problem. But you can be assured that your name ( or whatever name and address) is now in a database of people trying to import illegal Class 3 drugs into the country.
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    Pharmacom Labs officials and our store

    Very true, but I notice that products from China have much larger seizure rate than from EU.
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    Domestic Geneza Pharmaceauticals or Dragon Pharma?

    I'm in the same boat. Me and friends of mine have all received enough letters that we are looking for Dom sources but still want a reliable company an not a fly by night.
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    Need suggestions on bloodwork. PPL 7 wks in.

    Your elevated ALT, AST, BUN, Creatinie and eGFR going down all point to possible kidney issues in the future. Keep and eye out on these in the future. Drink plenty of water, especially the day before and the day of your blood work. Sometimes these are out of range due even very slight...
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    Pharmacom Labs officials and our store

    How many letters are you and your friends willing to accept that keep highlighting you as a Drug User, Dealer, Addict. It's a matter of how comfortable you are with it.
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    Pharmacom Labs officials and our store

    It's kind of strange that the only items seized were the Promotional items which aren't reshipped. So again, what is the point of the useless promotion except to get another letter from customs which will probably end up getting your name their list to be checked more often. I have some other...
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    Pharmacom Labs officials and our store

    I pretty much crossed this company off my list because of too many letters and no reshipments.
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    I used Geneza from Naps and it was g2g. They have both the brand you are mentioning.