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    End of cycle results

    I arms should be bigger for my size; but surprisingly, they actually look very proportionate to the rest of my body. BTW, 19" is a stone cold measurement---they measure 19"1/2 to 19 3/4" when pumped. And your arms are huge...most of us, regardless of our bodyweight, will have a...
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    End of cycle results

    Start of cycle: 6"3, 272 lbs, 38" waist, 18" arms, bench: 225 x 22 End of cycle: 253 lbs, 34" waist, 19" arms, bench: 225 x 32 Test: 500/week x 8 Mast: 400/week x 8 Var: 100/day x 4 Great results...body looks very different. But I'm still too big...I wanted to be more like 240-245lbs...
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    Anavar and dry skin

    I'm doing var at 100/day and so far, the results have been great. I popped 30mg of Dbol before yesterdays workout and my strength was just epic....even running a severe calorie deficit. But, I'm getting INSANELY dry skin. I've been on high dose accutane before for stubborn acne and these...
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    Blood Sugar

    I'm not a diabetic, but I do get dizzy when I don't eat for a long duration (3-4hrs). This condition is exacerbated with high protein/ low carb diet....I wonder, does protein not raise blood sugar as well as carbs? What can I do to fight this guys.....feel like a s$%t.
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    New Cutting Cycle

    I'm 250 right now too (probably 12-13% BF)....I was 270lbs 5 weeks ago when I started Test/Mast/Anavar (I was on tren but I had to replace with Mast because of sides.) I'm trying to stay around 2800 cals/day.....2000 cals is really low; have you had success with cutting calories that drastically...
  6. I assistant is so hot

    Stretch....I like you too. You've provided me with some great advice in the past and I'm very appreciative. But do you think I have a 'born to lose' tatoo on my chest? I personally don't give a shit if any of you believe me...this was supposed to be a provocative thread, not a second Spanish...
  7. I assistant is so hot

    Honestly guys, I'm not posting pictures of my assistant on here...I'm a indisputable asshole for sure, but putting her face/ass/tits or whatever on MESO ain't happening. My wife on the other hand has given me full permission to post her porn (when I can find it) Some of you might be...
  8. I assistant is so hot

    I chickened out yesterday, and I enrolled her in an accounting software course that she's attending today. She hasn't really given me any strong signs that she's interested in me, but I have a feeling she won't deny me if I make a move. Who knows though, maybe I'll have to deal with her very...
  9. I assistant is so hot

    Hey Jeton, What kind of conditions do you have with your spouse? Mine only wants to know the details of my trysts while we're having sex....turns her on like crazy. Any other time, tales of our mutual exploits are about you guys?
  10. I assistant is so hot

    She's masochistic, so she needs a strong, dominant male to quickly gain ascendancy over got in you solo?
  11. I assistant is so hot

    I know....and she's the first decent assistant I've had in a while too. But I can't lie, her looks did sway me a little during interviewing.
  12. I assistant is so hot

    Fair point.....I don't like getting too explanatory on these sites for obvious reasons. The reality is I own the business Canadian business and I winter in the Texas area. I used to work for a large oil and gas company in Alberta and was hoping I could get a job in their American division to...
  13. I assistant is so hot

    Wow....this got interesting. When I first met my wife, she seemed like a sexy, 'band-camp' kind of girl....and I was pretty conservative at that point in my life too (5 years ago). Then I noticed a pair of red rubber, knee high boots in the back of her car, about 2 months into our relationship...
  14. I assistant is so hot

    Damn masteron making me lose my mind.....I know I'm not suppossed to fuck my employees, but why did I have to hire the 24yr old blonde with the tightest ass this side of Scarlett Johansen? Yikes! It's just her and I in the office right now and she's got this very form fitting pencil skirt...
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    HCG amps

    I am using the Pregnyl kit, so that's why I was wondering why he wouldn't use the included solvent.