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  • Hello.. I'm currently running eq for 20 weeks.. the first 8 I ran test 600 tren A 700 and eq 600 .. I'm in a month break from tren.. I'll start up tren again at 700 a week and lowering test to 300mg for the last 8 weeks.. will I be ok lowering test and having eq high during this tren run again..?? Going into cutting cycle obviously with the low test..
    Hello Ironwill, I was reading the thread on Pharmacon, and I want to PM you to ask a ? but how the hell do I pm?? LOL
    Anyhow, I will ask it here, long story short I was using Naps but right now have a shipping problem. And I read that Pharma has USA domestic?? So if you know that vendor can you tell me or tell them about me??? Thanks!!!!!!
    i have 2 sus 250 10cc vials and 2 deca 200 mg 10 cc with 1mg arimidex. how should i take this the correct way. I am also on 2iu GH. This is not my 1st cycle. I am also on HRT from the doctor levels where at 150 nana. Now they are are at 1200 nano
    Hey bro, our 19 year old asshat is at it again...i told him to go fuck his mom after he called Americans stupid.
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