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    safest bets for pharma (counterfeit)

    I’ve done most all colors of 100iu kits. Probably 3/4 different Pharma- I’ve had the pharma w the scripts and non scripts. Currently on (6months straight) of 72iu huma’s. I do 1.5 iu huma vs 3+iu of generics. Hands down Huma is better even at 1.5 and sometime 1.2ius Ed. 5/2 protocol...
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    Bump this... Site still down. Anyone? J
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    Hello All, The site has been down for some time now anyone got the scoop on it?? Thank you, j6
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    Hgh vs igf

    :popcorn: Here we go.....
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    Back In The Saddle

    Glad to hear your ok... Welcome back! j
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    New cycle, maybe crazy?

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    equipoise and feel awful

    Labs would be good... However, I dont think its the E and prob just allergies or a bug and I wouldnt worry..... J.
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    were to get test E

    Does you mother know your using her computer? J
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    what to choose

    Pal... Not to be a dick but- the whole site is FILLLED with information. Try reading first, then ask questions. Good luck.. j
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    ^^^^^ Now thats a good post... j
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    First Test E cycle. Please give relevant advice :)

    All this "age" bullshit is just that- bullshit... As long as your not in High School or somthing i say go for it... If you have all the facts and product for said cycle I say go for it. For christ sakes, you can vote, own a gun, drive, have a credit card AND you are old enough to be in the...
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    First Test E cycle. Please give relevant advice :)

    I say; Good luck with your 1st cycle! j
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    To say obtaining gear is easy..

    DO NOT DO THE ABOVE! You will look like a real jackass......
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    Anavar advice

    Pal, there are a NUMBER of threads on this topic, seriously??? And your right - asking about a steriod you never used before doenst make you a beginner, however, the question you are asking clearly suggested you are. :confused: j
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    Just an observation...

    So I have numerous cycles under my belt and pretty much have done every AAS out there (This is in addition to various hormones) and I have (after 15 years!) finally found what works best by the way I look, feel and react to the various compounds available. With that, my absolute favorite...