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    do they offer dnp as well? could be an honest labeling mistake. lemme check them out.
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    new and need advice

    dont worry about the drugs. tell me your diet.
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    Question from the old lady...

    i have to ask here, as i have no clue. if you strain your pec muscle, will it make the gland hurt too? or can it, at least? hers has been hurting for 4 days.
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    flex wheeler

    i saw some pics from, i think, 92 and i was just shocked. looked nuts.
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    Ron Coleman washed up???

    my god. hes gonna fucking kill himself.
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    19" arms

    im almost 19, but im a big man.
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    What's your opinion on Cardio during a mass cycle?

    cardio kicks up diffusion, so i cant see how it couldnt help.
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    casino royale

    like anyones gonna be surprised to see your foot in your mouth? sup bro?
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    More drama from Anna Nicole Smith

    stern stinks like hell on this. anyone hear that the reason why they went to the bahamas to have the kid and rose so much hell is because annas kid is her son dannys? i did.
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    Stubborn body parts??

    the BP thats the least spectacular is my pecs. i wasnt blessed, but theyre vastly improved over a couple years ago.
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    Why is my bench so b*tch?!

    my benches are pathetic [much worse that yours brother] but thats because i wont push too hard. i was born with shoulders i could seperate at will so i dont risk it . 360 isnt bad anywhere, bro.
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    Isn't my friends first cycle INSANE?!

    not only is that a bad cycle for a noob,. its just a bad cycle period.
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    Been a long time-You wouldn't believe....

    unless you have a nasty record, you arent going to prison if thats all they got you with, if you plead out. i didnt see this post before i replied. disreguard my last post. get a good lawyer and fight this shit. whats interesting is they know how weak the case is. how do i figure...
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    Been a long time-You wouldn't believe....

    "good faith." get a good lawyer, and shake some trees. you should be able to get a hell of a deal, simply because prosecutors wouldnt want something like this to goto trial. then again, you really dont either. if you lose, youre fucked. then you start the appeals cycle from prison. its...
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    The Science of Race

    hmmmm. first of all, this article is a mixture of fact and fiction. your nervous system has nothing to do with temperment, or very little. this is thinking from way back in the day before we made some breakthroughs in exactly what circulated and existed in the brain, as well as the total...