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    temptation and striving for more.... but health should be the main goal in life

    I very rarely get alerts on Tapatalk since almost all the old threads I’m subscribed to are dead now. Decided to open up this as it popped up though. I remember FYE as a, ummmm... Well, let’s just say a fascinating guy.. lol Kind of an oddball and never really posted a lot but I talked...
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    Allow me to reintroduce myself... My name is Johnny!!

    Hello there MesoLand, it’s certainly been a minute. Been a crazy 3 years but I’m backkkkkk. Hopefully some old friends are still around!! Look forward to getting to know the rest of you folks as well (:
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    Meso's 3rd Annual Fantasy Football League!!

    Hope you guys get enough!! I'm still covering your buy in @JackC4 !!
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    Meso's 3rd Annual Fantasy Football League!!

    I apologize for the late reply. Life has been pretty crazy for the past month.. Because of this I've had no time for Meso and I won't be playing FF for the first time in, well I can't even remember... There's no way I can run the league this year. I'm REALLY sorry guys.. Still some...
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    brutus79 and jballz get swole

    Looks like I'm late to the party... Seems like it's been a couple weeks since I've been on here. Things have been crazy but I'm really looking forward to jumping on again.. Saturday will be 12 weeks off. Cycle will consist of tren, GH, npp, tbol, var, test, and eq. Haven't hammered out...
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    ~Ogh"s Old Geezer Tren Run....

    Damn OGH, I'm not going to give it to you lightly. You gotta get rid of that.. Only saying this out loud because I know you'd say it to me, I hope at least. Shocking though right after a tren cycle.. I slowly lose fat on tren, impossible for me to put any on.. Even with a McDonald's diet!!
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    Ban Sworder

    You did not need to spell that out to me..
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    cycling vs blast/cruise for life

    It is a LIFE decision and you shouldn't make the decision to B/C unless you're sure whatever life throws at you you're going to keep lifting and stick with the lifestyle. Also be sure you can control yourself to not do any overly stupid shit that will land you in prison so you can't get your shots.
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    Eating on a budget

    Exactly, so easy!! I'm the same way.. A bottle of water can go down in less than 5 seconds. A beer, less than 4 seconds. This is the way to go for guys like us. ;) Fuck spending a good portion of your day sitting down and eating!!
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    Eating on a budget

    I think I could put that in a blender...
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    Ban Sworder

    Oh don't be jealous I deleted the one photo I had that you posted of yourself awhile back.. ;) Manwhore is the only one in my photo library because he so frequently insults how other members look. Just trying to remind him he shouldn't be so quick with his comments. Is that ok with you, dear?
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    Steroidify - Official Worldwide Pharma Distributor since 2008

    Darius knows the culture here and knows free samples are a no go. Must be getting desperate on Meso after all the reports of bunk.. Gotta say it, anyone that takes these "samples" shouldn't feel too good about themselves.
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    Meso's 3rd Annual Fantasy Football League!!

    Yessir, we'll figure it all out after this week. I'm not expecting many more from last year to join but like I said, they're all not still active so I want to give them a chance.
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    Meso's 3rd Annual Fantasy Football League!!

    I almost tried fan duel last year.. I'm going full force this season... Maybe I'll be one of those guys in the commercials in my underwear with bikini models.. :cool: OR, the private jet!! :eek:
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    Meso's 3rd Annual Fantasy Football League!!

    It gives Sunday's a whole new meaning..