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  • Hey man. So I got some T250 and injected it into a vial that I thought had the same brand of T250. Well when I mixed it it turned clumpy at first then it finally mixed but went cloudy. Is it because it's mixed with two different oils? I'm super hesitant to inject it now.
    Hey bro... is this you from ology back about 5-6 years maybe less ago? Its jstarks11 from ology bro. What's up with these bros ripping you on here? What's it take to PM here? Amount of posts or some such shit?
    @Jamesdean you can email them at nordic-fusion@tutanota.com and ask for details. I have NO relation to the lab btw. Just good peoples
    Hey if possible can you give me the link to the Nordic Fusion Labs site..I've read good reviews but not sure if I'm on the right site
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