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    Can't Stop Cramping

    Increase water intake to a gallon and a half a day, eat a bannana 1 hour before your train. You could also drink gatorade while trainning. Also try taking two multi vitimans a day, 12 hours apart. Make sure your get enough sleep.
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    How much water retension should expect?

    Thanks for the replies. I might up the deca to 300mg, being my first cycle I wanted to see how my body responded to the lower doseage. 5 weeks before I start seeing results? Is dbol a good idea for your first cycle to jump start it? Is there something better out there to jump start my cycle, not...
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    Advice for the Wife?

    I hate doing this myself, but it works Cardio,Cardio,Cardio! You could also have her lift every muscle group once a week,high reps low weight for toning.
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    My theory on forearms

    Incorporate a lot of dumbbell exercises into your routine. My forearms are sore at the end of the week without any extra training.
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    How much water retension should expect?

    This will be my first cycle. I just had a few questions. 10 week cycle weeks 1-8 Test Enanthate 500mg per week DECA-200 - Nandrolone Decanoate 200mg per week weeks 9 & 10 Test Enanthate 500mg per week post cycle: HCG: 1000IUs For Ten days. Starting one day after last injection...
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    new guy hear

    welcome :D
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    Grits are complex carbs.
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    Protien Calories

    I wouldn't really worry about calories per gram of protien. Just make sure your eatting 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per your body weight. If your 200 pounds, you should eat 200 to 300 grams of protien a day.
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    Men's Health article: aas positive

    There's just too much bad press out their right now for anyone to notice the benefits of steriods. For instance MLB.
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    Dead/weak spot in my range of motion.

    Thanks guys. I'll have to try all of this stuff, anything to get past this weak transition spot. Thanks again.
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    Dead/weak spot in my range of motion.

    When i'm doing bench press and shoulder presses i have a lot of strength when I start my range of motion, about half way up I lose all of my strength for about 3-4 inches, then my strength comes back. I have really long arm. anyone have advice on how to get rid of this dead spot? Partial Reps...
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    Thinking about doing a test only cycle.

    Thanks guys. I read Phreezers post, he realy seem to know what he is talking about. I just wanted to gather more info from a wide veriatey of sources. You can't get enough good advice from people who were in or are in the same situation. I just want a pool of knowledge before I start sticking...
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    Thinking about doing a test only cycle.

    I have put years worth of time in the gym. I'm 6-0 195 pounds,I have a good hard base but I want to bulk up. What do you guys think about a test only cycle,It will be my first cycle. what kind of result should I espect for my first cycle?What form of test you you suggest? What dosage? How long...