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    What is your favorite workout song?

    The Haunted- D.O.A. LAMB OF GOD - One Gun, Ruin, Contractor, Laid to Rest, ETC....... Kingdom of Sorrow (Hatebreed)
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    what is the absolute best exercise for TRI's (mass)

    cool ill give it a try...
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    inject. help

    Makes sense i think i did hit a nerve as a didnt realize how close in to the groin i was when i pinned....I also no its really bad to inject in the same spot too many times...are there different recovery times for different esters? in my case im on 2 props so it should dissolve fairly quickly...
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    what is the absolute best exercise for TRI's (mass)

    Im making gains on everything but ive noticed my tri;s are lagging.....theres not much split and hardly any mass....ive been doing press downs and overhead pressdowns and reverse curls adding more weight and even more reps if possible...any advice
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    inject. help

    if im pinning on my own and i want to do glute inj. how can i keep my hands steady enough to shaking a little when i try...i was doing inner thighs but this last one hurt like hell and i dont know why....last weeks was painless...and i did it the same speed dose and depth im using 23...
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    anybody heard of this "fat burner"?

    i found a source selling this stuff.....just wondering if its any good -propylamphetamine
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    Football food

    Bud Select 55 if you must drink but not a good idea. fat free franks I like ball park franks. reduced fat pringles,
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    Supplements for fat burning/ Well being

    I used Acai was a 4:1 ratio cost like 10 dollars at walgreens and i took detox8 with it and i did drop a few pounds as well...the acai does work but i cant explain how
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    cramping after workout!!!!

    water mixed with pedialyte (electrolytes) always worked for me...also potassium
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    What is your favorite workout song?

    trittin' trotin' trolls' for a long, long time. lol
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    What is your favorite workout song?

    HATEBREED-'DESTROY EVERYTHING", PANTERA cmon you guys nobody said Pantera wtf? and just about all the songs on my myspace page......i made a disc of them...check it out its under lunacy
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    Communist China's Flag to Fly over the Whitehouse

    You know whats really fucked up??? Do you think he will authorize to fly the confedrate flag over the white house for the civil war anniversery....hell no!!!!!!!!! And that flag still represents people of our country...go figure
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    Who is the best athelete turned politician???

    My vote has to go to Steve Largent until the Governator gets his budget in order:D
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    Support Glenn Beck

    Beck and Hannity have single handedly covered the Acorn scandals enough to bring attention to the organizations corrupt use of our tax dollars even after the other major networks refuse to cover it...................and yes once again another whacked out organization that our great president has...
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    Support Glenn Beck

    I thought I was the only one on here that watches Fox News...............Oreilly seems hes backed down a little over the Beck issue. Every now and then he takes the left's side i gues just to appease them so he doesnt get I see Why Rush never opened a tv show on Fox news