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    No, stay away from them.
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    King Big Daddys 170lb skull crush.

    I just saw SHUTupandBITCH's pic.. No fucking WAY all that shit talking come from THAT little shit stain :confused: I guess that just proves anyone can talk big when they're safely hidden behind a computer screen. That kid isn't man enough to wear my jockstrap! [:o)]
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    Worst Rage Story

    You should have done it. One less "problem" for society to deal with.
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    King Big Daddys 170lb skull crush.

    I wouldn't start calling people small unless you're significantly bigger than them. I don't think you've posted any body shots on this forum. Now wouldn't be a bad time to start. Throw one up.
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    HGH + penis

    It's not in your head. The same thing happened to me, as well as my father(when he got on HRT).
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    Pregnant Bodybuilders...

    There's nothing to argue about. Guys today are ABSOLUTELY leaner than they were 20-30 years ago. Coleman's body fat percentage on contest day was probably around 1% or less(not an exaggeration). Arnold was probably closer to 3-4%(still impressive, none the less). I also agree, about the...
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    Cem-meso clen

    I ordered a bottle of T3 from chem-meso to hold me over until my new pack of pharma grade T3 came in. A few days after, my body temp dropped and I started gaining body fat without any change to my diet/training/cardio(this a few weeks out from a bodybuilding comp and it was the ONLY change I...
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    Cem-meso clen

    A lot of bro's are unhappy with chem-meso at the moment(me being one of them). As for stacking clen + keto, you'll actually want to lower your clen dosage as the ketofin causes an up regulation of the beta-2 receptor. As far as your keto dosage is concerned, I would start at 2mg/day(and I...
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    dbol stomach pain

    How soon did you begin experiencing the stomach pain after you started administering the dbol?
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    sorry! not happy with chem meso

    Personally, after receiving a bottle of bunk T3 I REFUSE to use or recommend chem-meso to anyone. There is no excuse for this IMO. This is looking like ag-guys all over again [}:)]
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    Worst Rage Story

    This is a very alarming thread, lol.
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    Upcoming Cycle *Critics*

    I would recommend the adex before I would recommend the letro. Prami is a viable alternative to the caber though.
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    What caused the blood in my urine?

    Tren is hard on the kidneys, but that doesn't necessarily mean it was the cause in your case. My friend had the same thing happen while he ran tren in his cycle(and also thought it was the culprit). He got his kidneys scoped and the doc found blood-filled pustules all over over them. It turned...
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    Tren Hex

    If you can get it for a good price, then yes, it's a little more convenient than ace. But if you don't mind the frequent injections, ace will still do the job(it's still tren after all).
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    Inject Into Bicep?

    You can split the dose and pin each arm if you want to(I wouldn't use more than 2 pins though. You don't need to pin each head). Personally, i've never met anyone with perfectly symmetrical arms so I would recommend pinning your lagging arm(that's what I do),