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  • Hi I’m a new member I just stubbed on to this site after my doc refused to give me trt lol so trying to buy online, well I found a lot of people selling but I don’t know the good ones from the shady people can u point me in the right direction please
    My question deals with TRT. I am 60. I tried TRT and my problem is that they get my test up to 725 and my estrogen is 685. I feel great and have no effects from the high estrogen. They use arimidex and I asked if they could use something else and they won't. Off trt i keep my estrogen at 29 with DIM This is frustrating Doc and just looking for answers. Thanks
    I know I'm and FNG but my roomie has been taking gear from anabolic pharma biz he hasn't had any labs done so I was just seeing if you ever heard any thing good about them.

    I been going threw Balkan and the gear in my eyes is good not cheep but good my lab work should be in in a day or two.
    Hey Doc,

    I have post finasteride syndrome. Most likely PFS induced secondary hypogonadism because I have low total t, low LH, and low FSH.

    I was wanting to ask you about your power pct and whether this could potentially help me. Have you ever had experience treating PFS induced secondary hypogonadism?

    Hopefully I hear back.

    Thanks doc.
    Ran out of space there - But it would mean a lot to have your input. You are the most respected person on here, and the advice I'm getting is all over the place lol

    That being said I think you'll be satisfied with the work I've put in on it.
    I just realized I posted on one your sticky's. I had a thought that maybe I wasn't supposed to do that?
    Hi Dr , can you please help me delete my account as cannot find anything to help , thanks for your time
    Hello Dr, I have sent you an email for some advise on TRT. I should have asked before emailing. My apologies. Hope to hear from you.
    Hello, I would like my username changed. I don't want my name public, I didn't realize it was going to use that as my username. Can you help?
    I need some input I recently just had my cholesterol checked
    Total 134
    Ldl 73
    Hdl 53
    Triglic 38
    Non hdl 81
    This is the one that scares me
    Lipoprotein 185!!
    Wtf does that mean ?
    Hi Dr Scally, would it be possible to email you for some advice on pct after a long cycle? I just have one or two questions is all. Thanks
    Doc I am hoping you can help me! I think I over did it on arimidex and crashed my estrogen. I took 1.75 mg over 5 days. Lost the ability to get hard and no morning wood at all. It's been 9 days since I stopped the arimidex. Still no wood. Is this normal?
    Hey I was wondering if you could help me. I have to do urine test for
    Parole I was wondering if anavar or test would make a test come back inconclusive or mess it up n e way...
    Hey Docter!
    I've currently noticed that my liver is fatty (Grade I) and my endocrinologist gave me liv52. and Vitamin E-400.
    When I'm gonna be fine? can you help. is there anything I could do to make the process faster?
    Hey im new hear got some question I would love to ask if you would have some time to talk. Really needing help finding some good gear have been screwed off way to much. I'm 25 and 5-9 210 15% bf 18 in arms really going for body builder stats now do you think it would help me get to the next level.
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