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Michael Scally MD
Mar 12, 2006
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Texas; Italy

Michael Scally MD

Doctor of Medicine, Male, from Texas; Italy

    1. Marktbaby
      Hi I’m a new member I just stubbed on to this site after my doc refused to give me trt lol so trying to buy online, well I found a lot of people selling but I don’t know the good ones from the shady people can u point me in the right direction please
      1. Sk8man101
        Your really asking dr scally for a source? Wow.
        Jan 30, 2018
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      2. ickyrica

        Thank me later
        Feb 3, 2018
    2. Okironin
      My question deals with TRT. I am 60. I tried TRT and my problem is that they get my test up to 725 and my estrogen is 685. I feel great and have no effects from the high estrogen. They use arimidex and I asked if they could use something else and they won't. Off trt i keep my estrogen at 29 with DIM This is frustrating Doc and just looking for answers. Thanks
    3. Angus198
      I'm just trying to look out for him is all I am saying.

      Thanks DOC
    4. Angus198
      I know I'm and FNG but my roomie has been taking gear from anabolic pharma biz he hasn't had any labs done so I was just seeing if you ever heard any thing good about them.

      I been going threw Balkan and the gear in my eyes is good not cheep but good my lab work should be in in a day or two.
    5. iron.triangle
      Hey Doc,

      I have post finasteride syndrome. Most likely PFS induced secondary hypogonadism because I have low total t, low LH, and low FSH.

      I was wanting to ask you about your power pct and whether this could potentially help me. Have you ever had experience treating PFS induced secondary hypogonadism?

      Hopefully I hear back.

      Thanks doc.
    6. IceKing07
      1. IceKing07
        Ran out of space there - But it would mean a lot to have your input. You are the most respected person on here, and the advice I'm getting is all over the place lol

        That being said I think you'll be satisfied with the work I've put in on it.
        Sep 30, 2017
    7. Superman125
      I just realized I posted on one your sticky's. I had a thought that maybe I wasn't supposed to do that?
    8. buddix4u
      Hi Dr , can you please help me delete my account as cannot find anything to help , thanks for your time
    9. Dillon_21
    10. Big Boss
    11. Icecream4672
      Hey, Dr Scally. Do you think you could delete my account? It shows up on google when I type in my name. I would not like my past to define my future. Thanks.
      1. Michael Scally MD
        Michael Scally MD
        Ask Millard, I am unable to do that.
        Jan 22, 2017
    12. Slimmy
      Hello Dr, I have sent you an email for some advise on TRT. I should have asked before emailing. My apologies. Hope to hear from you.
    13. Ljm91
      Hello, I would like my username changed. I don't want my name public, I didn't realize it was going to use that as my username. Can you help?
    14. LittleD90
      I need some input I recently just had my cholesterol checked
      Total 134
      Ldl 73
      Hdl 53
      Triglic 38
      Non hdl 81
      This is the one that scares me
      Lipoprotein 185!!
      Wtf does that mean ?
    15. DAii
      hey friend can you please delete my thread
    16. Chris wolf
      Chris wolf
      Hi Dr. Scally, I am in serious trouble with my pct, do you mind if i send you an email? Please help me..
      1. Michael Scally MD
        Michael Scally MD
        Nov 22, 2016
        Chris wolf likes this.
    17. Samc141
      Hi Dr Scally, would it be possible to email you for some advice on pct after a long cycle? I just have one or two questions is all. Thanks
      1. Michael Scally MD
        Michael Scally MD
        Nov 22, 2016
    18. Airman1
      Doc I am hoping you can help me! I think I over did it on arimidex and crashed my estrogen. I took 1.75 mg over 5 days. Lost the ability to get hard and no morning wood at all. It's been 9 days since I stopped the arimidex. Still no wood. Is this normal?
    19. Medstar
      Hey I was wondering if you could help me. I have to do urine test for
      Parole I was wondering if anavar or test would make a test come back inconclusive or mess it up n e way...
    20. John Mackey
      John Mackey
      Hey Docter!
      I've currently noticed that my liver is fatty (Grade I) and my endocrinologist gave me liv52. and Vitamin E-400.
      When I'm gonna be fine? can you help. is there anything I could do to make the process faster?
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