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    Best Steroid for Muscle Hardness and Vasularity?

    Eat clen, tren hard
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    thinking about doing a cycle.

    I would think a really good bulk NATURALLY for 6-8 months might be a better idea. Then you should use a cycle to cut bodyfat. I figure you'll be a lot happier after a cycle cause of fat loss that you'll keep compared to a bulk cycle where you'll almost gaurenteed lose it and be back where you...
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    Holy $$$$!

    Ya. You're also paying for ease of mind, legal power, and a professional to pin you. A lot of people think its worth it. And honestly, if you aren't confident enough in your pinning abilities (sterility mostly) you REALLY should have someone else do it for you for the safety of yourself and the...
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    Anabolics Testing

    E="BIGMESC, post: 1062966, member: 60842"]Does it seem expensive to know what you are injecting into your body? Thats exactly why I'm getting it;)
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    It took some fortitude and grit, id say good luck with that but sounds like you'll need more than just luck. I hope all goes well and you're healed quickly! :)
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    Anabolics Testing

    Jabrel3 thanks! One more ?. Is there a place I can buy the labmax where it isn't $250? Cause that seems awfully expensive
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    It took some fortitude and grit

    Whats your injury whodatnation?
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    It took some fortitude and grit

    Whodatnation must be getting alllll the pussy...:rolleyes: Congrats man
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    Its come to my attention

    That's the beauty of me so aint it? :D
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    Its come to my attention

    Mikestrong is a great source guys! Just look. His gear comes at 723mg/ml and doesn't ever have side effects! You can put on 40 lbs of muscle and cut down to -5% BF... ...oh lord...:rolleyes:
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    wife against gear

    Some potent-ass vitamins...
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    wife against gear

    My wall looks much better covered in the coolaid that just shot out of my mouth... I don't know if thats a good thing manwhore;)
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    Anabolics Testing

    Hey guys! I canceled my order on some gear cause of bad reviews, BUT they still sent it. So now I'm stuck with about 6 bottles Im considering using. But itll just continue a cycle I was already doing... So I want to test them to make sure Im not injecting plain oil when I should be doing pct...
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    Hey guys! New kid in town right here

    Thanks guys!
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    Test E first pin side effects

    Wow. Keep everyone updated on what happens bro. Very interesting...