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    Test+ Masteron+EQ

    I love EQ, i run it at 700mg a week with 500 to 750 mg a week of test. Front load the Eq and up the dosage.
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    Newbie with Dbol and Tbol Nolva and Clomid

    First run i ever had was 500 mg test E a week split, I was in my early thirtys late twenties. Its ok to be a little apprehensiveness about injecting something in your body, but you want to have all the benefits of aas mental and physical.
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    Source Check - Ultimate Pharmaceuticals

    sorry for the late reply, it's dyel.
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    Thanks man one of the good fellas in the community sent it to me cause I never had an avi and I...

    Thanks man one of the good fellas in the community sent it to me cause I never had an avi and I was here for about a year without one.
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    Source Check - Ultimate Pharmaceuticals

    On a positive note the eq is lovely, it's doing everything it's supposed to do appetite is up and veins are popping.
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    ~Ogh ...check out homeboy selling real GP Dbol on e-Bay ...

    I think it could be a setup or info gathering
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    Damn ben is that your old lady? She gorgeous!
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    Deca and a back injury?

    Yeah they wanted to fuse mine as well, my mother had hers done and it didnt do anything except she cant bend over anymore. So I told them fuck that and I just lost 60lbs instead the pain is still there but its bare able now.
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    Scoc/Musings of a madman

    I love you man you always put a smile on my face, I just cant stand when they say they have studied knowing damn well they haven't. Surely you feel the same way.
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    Scoc/Musings of a madman

    I hate newbs making stupid repetitive threads that are already in existence. I wish they would find what they thought to be the correct answer and then cross reference wity some one. If there is all ready a thread about the topic why make a new one. Please stop with usless threads about your...
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    Brewing Component TH

    Nice man and by the way your starting to look nice and lean I dig it you look great.
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    NapsGear.Net - reviews

    Same thing with ta for me as well, I almost shit my drawers I was so surprised on how fast it came in. I would also like to add I think the British dispensary 10mg dballs are some of the best I have ever had. Great sense of well being the pumps are great, iam really surprised. Iam still new to...
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    Steroidify - Official Worldwide Pharma Distributor since 2008

    Just dont say anything to meek its his first cycle he dont know how to act, I know thats no excuse but let him be we all know what he is.
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    Pharmacon vs vermodje

    Go look for blood work or even labmax tests, then come back and tell us what you think.
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    How long to wait when switching from test-e to test-p

    Definitely stop your deca 2 to 3 weeks before you run out of test as it has a longer half life.