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    addiction poll please participate

    Really, nicotine doesn't belong in that list. If you've ever been to treatment or even 12-step meetings, they don't address caffeine or nicotine. Just the immediate dangers and mood-altering substances. And NO I am not gonna argue about the mood altering qualities of these 2. They don't...
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    DNP while "on"

    Don't expect much gains from the gear, since growth is dependent upon the action of ATP, and you're interfering with that process by using DNP. It's much better to run the DNP just prior to a cycle. There's an anabolic rebound effect. It's also good during PCT as it reduces T3's potential...
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    Um, "Pentosan (PEN-toe-san) is used to relieve the symptoms of the bladder condition called interstitial cystitis. This medicine is available only with your doctor's prescription..." That came straight from MedLine. Do you possibly mean Adequan instead? If so, then you're wrong there...
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    Xanax withdrawals?

    NOTE: That's why I said "in and of itself". The danger is FAR greater with benzos. The opiate withdrawal isn't the cause and even in people with health complications, it's extremely rare. The methadone clinics are there because it's legalized dope dealing. DUH! And because the discomfort...
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    Xanax withdrawals?

    The time release aspect of OC's isn't the coating. That's just to make it slide down the throat easier. The time release is mediated by the density of the tablet. That's why crushing them makes them stronger. It increases surface area, leading them to dissolve faster, which increases...
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    Please stop deleting my Nubain thread??

    DNP is much safer than opiates or benzos, as it is not intrinsically addictive. Therefore, the likelihood of loss of control over amount of the substance that is used is not a risk to take into consideration with the DNP.
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    Xanax withdrawals?

    And yes, I'm a recovering junkie.
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    Xanax withdrawals?

    I'm glad she's off the road. One less impaired person on the road increases my family's chance of making it home each day. No offense, of course.
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    Xanax withdrawals?

    That's the worst advice so far in this thread. I'm a drug counselor, and let me tell you this: Opiate withdrawal is NEVER life-threatening in and of itself. You may feel like you want to die, but you won't. Benzo withdrawal can be fatal. If you can stop cold turkey, talk to a doctor...
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    Xanax withdrawals?

    Depends upon your definition of abuse. Clinically, if you drive after taking them, or while feeling like shit from taking them the day before, you're abusing them. "Repeated use of the substance in situations where it could be physically hazardous." Or something really close to that...
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    Doc gave me prednisolone

    Ignore all the details. You need the medical usage of it. It never bloated me too badly, nor did I notice catabolism.
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    Primo, EQ Cycle

    I don't see where it would help any in that stack to add winny or var.
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    Primo, EQ Cycle

    If you mean on-cycle gyno, then no, I doubt you'll get it. But it's a possibility. Post-cycle gyno is a possibility with anything that shuts you down though. Even those doses to a consistant dosage, okay?
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    Oh damn. 200mg/day is great on the primo! We thought you meant 200mg/wk!
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    Methyl Dien is great for cutting if taken around 12mg/day. But you'll not see mass gains with it.