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  • Please submit a tkt ATT CS over i will be forward of to me, please note i am not on here much, TY
    I can't retrieve my 30% discount code.
    I have a list of all tge products i ordered over the Chinese New Year. Since i didn't order yet this year they offered me another 30% discount code. Amd now i can't retrieve that either.
    Amy help would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks Scott
    Ready to use tje e0% off on Pharmacom products. 2 EQ 500's 3 Tren E, Anadrol, and some Tbol.
    Naps asks me fof the discount code but i can't find it anywhere on this forum.
    Thx for your time.
    Thx again!!
    I don't know how to PM you or i would.
    Hey bro, forgive me if I'm going about this wrong, I'm a noob and don't want to get on anyone's bad side. Should naps have a 1 in front or not. If u type 1 1st it's down but I'm in contact and about ready to order from plain napsgear. Is this a mirror scam site? TIA
    I'm ready to order but wanted your advice on a choice between 2 products can someone knowledgeable about orals please DM me? thanks
    Hi, am Scared Goat AKA Chad M. I just ordered from you guys! I didn't know you had a presence here until a little bit ago. So far I am impressed how you Handle issues and such.
    Hey! Quick questions for you: I'm lining up my next order, and wondering how successful Naps is with Canadian deliveries, in your opinion. Also, other than Bitcoin, is there a payment method Naps prefers (MG, or WU)?
    Hey naps wondering where my package is, you guys told me it was sent out on feb 3 and it was during the time of the seized incident. Was it seized? You guys normally really quick with the deliveries. I have another leader to go now I'm nervous about ordering it from you guys. Please let me know what's going on
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