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    I read about it on a email site an am wondering if it is around anymore? an if it is pm me with the info thanks, Also any info on this steroid would be great dosages an peoples experiences using it.
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    Oxandrolone - Var

    A cycle is not a cycle without test anyone who does a cycle without test is a fool an anyone who disagrees with me is a fool. Test is the Best. Use it an use it well:D
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    Am used to D-Bol an mass steroids what can I expect from winny? I would be using Anavar, Winny, Tren E, Test E, an Eq thanks for any info
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    cotton seed oil

    cotton seed oil is a thick oil poor choice cut it with EQ oleat
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    Re: Melatonin injections Am very interested too any info would be great.
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    Want to make your own gear?

    Whats up mr. s I did not know you were on this forum.
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    Want to make your own gear?

    Get yourself an autoclave machine
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    New member, just saying hello!

    Welcome to the fam
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    Just what this country needs comments from an 18 year old child.
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    No I would feed them theres a difference between feeding someone an handing out what you don't got. If my apartment I rent blew away would you give up your house an buy my landlord a new one? Hate me or love me am a realist.
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    Finally a person with brains an not an idiot.:D
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    We are not one of the wealthist countrys anymore an I posted it because I care. I think we need to care for our own first. An I have been poor with no one to help me an I have been on the streets. But hey if you don't like the post don't comment on it.
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    No comments our opinions? How is this trajedy effecting your life? Whats the goods an the bads of us sending money to help others before helping our own country?
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    Why are we using our money to help Haiti? Am not trying to be an a hole but we had nothen to do with that earthquake an we are very poor ourselves. Don't get me wrong am very happy the USA is helping people but how can we help other countrys when we can't even help ourselves? Since the USA is...
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    B. Hussein Obama - who are you, really?

    Awsome post bro. My opinion this president has made things worse too many unanswered questions an theres something wrong with someone that always has a smile on his face. Hes hiding something.