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    2nd cycle

    i gained 30lbs on cycle... its a great possibility .. EAT, then eat, THEN eat some more. "basic!"
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    cycle plateu

    i believe it bro on cycle you eat way more. :) take great advantage! and 2 be honest while on cycle you dont gain as much fat as you would regularly (Off Cycle). and dont drop anything bump your food intake meaning you need 2 EAT!!! eat more protein like 4 shakes a day will be more than fine :)...
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    What the F is Obama Doing?

    image is right. fuckking watermelon eater!
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    viagra dose?

    im 20 years old and on cycle i used viagra while on 750mg of testosterone. 100mg pills work great 50 will do the job easily.
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    2nd cycle

    genetics.... play a huge role. good job 40lbs period is great on cycle.
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    What pisses u off that some people do at ur gym

    staring @ my gym is an every minute thing... every1 there is assholes so i guess everyones working out but im always on their feet if anything pops off... like prison lol. but not racial until you call some1 a nigger
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    Getting sore

    off cycle... stick in it bro.
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    third cycle suggestions

    3rd cycle should consist of 750mg test (Period) tren is good at 100mg eod. i hear 50mg ED is better though more cuts, more pins more pain..
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    Good Cyle For Me-18 year old

    18 is not the bizness for steroids bro wait 2 years 2 be honest. im 20 and started prohormones at ur age then moved to a stronger compound such as test and Dbol. there you go brother if you can get a supplier go with a basic testosterone 500mg a week for 14 weeks and 50mg dianabol for the first...
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    cycle plateu

    BUMP!! food intake and as well with bumping your test. 190lbs wont get u anywhere bro bump to 750mg EW. You need to reach atleast 205 to start growing. so basically eat and bump your testosterone if you want to be big you have to go big.
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    My story of steroids

    can i fuck u
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    Everything was mental

    i luv it. 20yrs young
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    Progress Pictures

    weenie in progress... roid rager!
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    Best time for dosing??

    best time is anytime bro.