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    1. Tim Davis
      Tim Davis
      Don't u get back in contact with anyone, seriously. I placed an order for hgh from USA site and it said it was available, now all of a sudden it not in stock and my order hasn't shipped yet. Been over a week. What the hell is the deal
    2. Tim Davis
      Tim Davis
      Can u please pm me, thanks
    3. Tim Davis
      Tim Davis
      Got a question about turnaround time
      On international shipments.
    4. Xyz
      I am trying to pay with Western Union. Do I pay in RON or Euro. It only gives me these 2 choices.
    5. Luigi07111989
      i buy basicestero ue, what site insert tracking? italy,
      1. Lauderdaleboy
        Is pharmacom located in the US? And are they reliable I just put my first order in with them any suggestions are they good to go
        Jun 6, 2016
    6. Luigi07111989
      Four days ago with western union I paid for my order, but still is not sent, the basicstero site is still no written PAYMENT IS BEING CHECKED, I paid four days ago because they still do not send my order? I bought Winstrol oral winstrol inject and inject GW1516
    7. gear shef
      gear shef
      I need you to contact me in regards to an order issue
    8. CountryStrong
      How long after you pick up funds from Western Union does it take for you to process order funds were picked up yesterday and Order still says payment being checked.
    9. Captivation
      can u pm me so i can confirm something with u ?! thanks
    10. Achilles26
      Frank, can you PM me about a GH order? Thanks
    11. hitch2207
      Hello, can you please tell me your website?
    12. Bigmamu102
      Hey man can you pm me about my order Idk what carrier it's coming with
    13. New York
      New York
      Can u pm me about my order thanks
    14. BamaBarbie
      Hey can you pm me about my order I placed last Monday? I got an email saying my order was redirected to Asia! I haven't received a tracking number. Thank you!
    15. Cast_92
      Hey can you pm me please it's been about 15 days since I placed my orders and 9 days since it was shipped and I still have not received a tracking number
    16. TAP55JR
      Can u please pm me about getting order together
    17. LittleD90
      Quick question how come you guys are so much cheaper then Darius site ?
    18. dreamkiller
      Yes , when will your domestic westhouse be stocked again .... atleast with test ??
    19. hitch2207
      Hello, I am interested in Pharmacom products, and I am aware that there is international shipping and domestic. Can I have the web site for both?? Thanks!
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    20. Bill Bixcer
      Bill Bixcer
      I made an order and paid about 30 hrs ago. It still says "payment is being checked". And the money I sent you is still at WU. This is my first order online ever. I'm used to hand to hand dealings. I have emailed the US domestic basicstero website and no one has got back to me. Please help me out.
      1. Tricer
        Same thing with me
        Feb 17, 2016
      2. Tricer
        Except I used bitcoin
        Feb 17, 2016
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