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    extra virgin olive oil 4tsp daily

    The pathways are more complicated than this.
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    Astro Labs - Test P - LabMax

    I'm basing my thought process on this. Labmax test of Astro test prop, vial B showed 0 fluorescence which indicates no testosterone present. Could be an error but I also can't say I noticed any effects from taking it. GETM test prop showed some fluorescence, granted I put it in the same vial B...
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    Better way to get estradiol up?

    Why nothing? Can you elaborate?
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    Better way to get estradiol up?

    I had some labs done very recently and came back with low estradiol, <6 (7.6-42.6 pg/ml) I want to jump it up a bit fairly quickly. I'm think of either 1) injecting some test prop. Probably 500mg (its getm so, it'd probably be about 100mg actually), or 2) use hcg, or 3) something else I'm not...
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    Astro Labs - Test P - LabMax

    Yeah, I've got some leftover PEP as well. Between the 3 labs I've ordered from that have all turned out shitty, I'd probably have to say that I gained the most weight on PEP...for whatever that's worth.
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    Astro Labs - Test P - LabMax

    I also ran a labmax test on some test P from Astro a few days ago. In vial B there was 0 fluorescence. I added a drop of Test P from getm and it got some fluorescence. I've seen the purity reports on getm though so not going to be using either of those labs - going in the trash.
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    Hcg? Minimum Amt???

    UPDATE: 400ish IUs of hcg every other day (3-4x/wk) seems to have "shut me down". LH - .1 LOW FSH - .5 LOW This was after about 3-4 weeks. Test. - ~800 - highish Estradiol - 12 - lowish (was taking some small dosages of letro the 1st week or two)
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    HGH/PEPTIDES to treat herniated disk/pinched nerve

    You might benefit from some cervical traction as previously stated. Tileguy said some goodstuff on the first page but there's a lot of misinformation in this thread. If you can find someone to help you understand why you're destroying your discs then your condition will almost undoubtedly heal...
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    Looking For First Cycle Advice/critique

    It's all well and good to plan a cycle like you have and any intelligent person should do just that. However, keep in mind that getting these products underground will leave you not really knowing what you have and whether it's under or over dosed or a different compound entirely. I don't know...
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    heriditary hemochromatosis

    This quote should be on a plaque. So huge.
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    Hcg? Minimum Amt???

    I'm confused by most of what you're saying. Seems like you're not quite sure what you're saying. For me I find 400ish IUs of hcg 3x/wk. I find 300 and 350IUs to just not seem to have quite the same effect as 400. Completely subjective. I also agree with Jim's thoughts and questions to you. I...
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    Seems that no one has yet mentioned that stretching doesn't work. Great that it's helping you Barrpiece to not get injured. If it works, keep doing it. Let's get serious though. Our hamstrings our under the load of 200, 300, 400+ when we deadlift. You think you're going to lengthen your...
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    GE-TM Labs domestic shipping

    Somebody's been watching some Tru Blood...
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    Any CPT's here?

    Merely having a certification isn't going to get you any money. You could not have a certification and make $ in the industry. But if the cert gives you the confidence to make some money at it then it might be worth it.
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    Bb69 says pep is dead. Send no $$

    To pin or not to pin PEPs gear? Say you had already been pinning PEPs gear and haven't had any infection problems, would you keep doing it? I wouldn't order from him at this point but if a person already has gear from him and has been using it successfully, why stop? Each vial probably...