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    Many an unhappy Italian bodybuilder I'd imagine. Translation by Chrome below :- INTERNATIONAL TRAFFIC OF ANABOLIZERS, SEQUESTRATED IN ABRUZZO 100 ILLEGAL PACKAGES Published: 15 May 2020 At the end of complex and articulated investigative activity, the Turin NAS carried out 3 Ordinances of...
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    RIP Luke Sandoe

    here's the gofund me page for Luke's family taken from Instagram : Luke Sandoe Tribute Fund organized by Fouad Abiad
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    Sending money WU without ID

    WU lost a class action suit a few years back and was forced to refund $586 million lost to online scammers. Western Union Refunds
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    Syringe accuracy question.

    Real Bayer Testoviron are way overfilled @ 1.3ml you can barely fit two in a 2.5ml barrel with the plunger above the markings. Paki amps on the other hand always seem to be exactly 1ml. Measuring on a 1ml syringe is imho far more accurate than trying to do it on bigger ones.
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    RIP Luke Sandoe

    Really sad news was in total shock when I saw it on youtube today as I'd been chatting to him on IG just last week. His forum Brutalmuscleonline vanished earlier this year I'd been meaning to ask him why in hindsight glad I didn't.
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    News from Moldova

    the real question is how many different gangs around the world are copying Balkan, dangerous to presume there is only one group and that all fakes will be easy to spot.
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    Bodybuilder’s Bali Porn Days Come to End with Extradition

    I don't know much about Bali but I've been to two different Thai jails ( one after bailing someone out in Chonburi ) the other the infamous Bangkok Hilton. The hookers in the Hilton were according to my rich friend who spent years there shaven headed drug addicted ladyboys most of whom were hiv...
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    Uk blood work

    not right now wouldn't go near a hospital or clinic.
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    News from Moldova

    any tests done on the Bulgarian fakes to see whats in them, see lots of them on uk sites.
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    TrenBolone Info

    judging by how many AS raw suppliers now list pregnenolone I'm guessing it's becoming popular. Perhaps some labs will launch tren / preg blends soon.
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    Steroid derivatives list

    there's some mystery on who created that family tree graphic anyone knows who it was please lmk
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    Anyone tried Hygetropin in 2020?

    nope personally I only consider Jintropin and Ansomone to be pharma aka prescribed in Chinese hospitals etc. If anyone knows of others please chime in. I think there may be some lesser known ones too there's a Chinese gov site where you can look them up I've just got to find it again.
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    Old guys: remember anabolic reference guide?

    thx, I appreciate the pics.
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    Anyone tried Hygetropin in 2020?

    it's almost twice the price of the other big legit hgh brand which most users consider superior. reviews ( which could be competitors ) look pretty bad Shop Hgh is rated "Average" with 2.8 / 5 on Trustpilot
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    Nick Trigili

    I still haven't forgiven him for his fake domestic hgh kits I'm sure he sold millions worth back in the day.