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    Thoughts on email providers

    Google a non-friendly state of the usa. Use that country email provider, but search to see where their servers are located at.
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    Thoughts on email providers

    Yup, on and off shore servers. No thanks.
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    Labmax test results

    Same ug from PM?
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    ancillaries: Alldaychemist vs inhousepharmacy

    ADC for me, if not in a hurry, I go with aura
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    Looking for DNP supplier

    Try searching it in the uk. They have a few that sells them.
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    are eliteanabolx gtg?

    78% on the var as well
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    are eliteanabolx gtg?

    A top 10 SRC on eroids = gets away with saying f*ck you about your order. srs! So far Fina is processing all outstanding orders. At least what I read last from there. I think the mess from this all is not from questioning your integrity as a possible scammer. But from not meeting Meso's...
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    SERM/AI sources

    They are a sister site. ADC used to carry HCG, but now their sister site carries whatever they do and do not carry also.
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    are eliteanabolx gtg?

    Just wanted to throw out that info as a member of this forum and eroids. (One of the reason I migrated here was because at eroids, they have a tendency to lay down the ban hammer). Don't want to delve into too much info before I get labeled as a shill. (Which I'm not) But eroids do have some...
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    are eliteanabolx gtg?

    Not a shill, but Fina was an awesome source. Just got unlucky and got banned.
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    Stay away from

    Masterful work of reverse-shilling.
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    Who do you guys trust for SERMS now??

    Clen: yes, gtg. Clomid: it was okay at most. The bottle itself was not full and clumped together. However , it worked but I feel like it's a tad under dosed. My Clomid was white in the solution btw.
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    Who do you guys trust for SERMS now??

    Clen legit, Clomid is clumpy as fark.
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    Legit gear / Bulldog

    Heard of them, price is a tad higher than most. Did not hear much complaints nor compliments.
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    alldaychemist users click here

    I do that also