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    My cycle log

    Not spamming but whatever with the vicious attacks. If you wanted to know I do fullbody workouts 3x a week. I always do four main Exercises db bench press , db standing ohp, squats , and pull-ups. Then I add in accessory work for My lifts. I do high reps of squat at 285, pull-ups be plus a 25...
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    My cycle log

    How am I a troll ?i can provide pics and I'm on week 7 with Geneva and Pep products
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    My cycle log

    I open for other opinions on what I'm doing. I have already started My cycle. I'm using a gram Of test e per week and I plan on week 15 to drop it down to 250 a week with 400 mgs of tren e for another 5 weeks . I'm curious of what you guys think about this. My stats are 220 lbs and 22 years old...
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    What's your favorite weight training exercise?

    I love squats nothing feels better then having a whole Bunch of weight on your back
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    anyone else ever have a kickass workout after a night of drinking?

    I think alcohol actually increase your test levels for a bit but I'm not sure if that explains the good workout. Drinking doesn't seem to kill my Workouts whatsoever
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    Confusius Say with BBC3

    Srs what does bbc stand for
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    Season's Greetings

    Funny since my White Christmas means something else luulz
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    twerking the new trend is a ok in my book

    Thanks for the site lulz
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    It happens to me more when I'm in a relationship lawl
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    Not all countries are overpopulated. So I think it's just a matter of time before a ban comes for the countries that are having too many children
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    Poker Bad beats !! Anyone play online poker ??

    Never really been a fan of the game but always would lose. So I get You in that part
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    Just saying Hello

    What's up
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    Special brownies or cookies?

    But all the seriousness don't give it to them without them Knowing
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    Worried- blood pressure

    You could always try niacin flushing works wonder for lowering bp
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    Using a single compound to see how it works !!

    It helps to know what is causing what and what to stack together but I did it mainly Out of brokeness lawl