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    3 days on Tren Acetate. No side effects at all. Tren guy?

    I think people are over estimating the power of labmax. Not saying his gear is good or not, but he's basing the quality off of labmax.
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    What Are Good Places To Get Dbol

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    Calorie Intake On Long Esters

    That's stupid. Have none of you bulked natty? Bulk, nigga. Bulk from the beginning. Just bulk like you would natty for a few weeks; that means NOT 1k calories over Maintanance
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    Who Loves Eq?

    for the money and sheer amount of volume of oil + length of cycle, it seems to be overrated. Can't knock it til I try it (which I wont), I guess
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    And you shouldn't end up lactating if you handled your e2
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    testosterone vs deca

    I keep saying I'm going to do this same thing, but always end up with other compounds and low test lol
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    Have I wasted some test? will I need to inject again?

    Everyone's tripping out over this. On deca an dianabol it is not unusual for me to gain 40 pounds. It is almost entirely water and yes, I use an AI from day 1.
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    POLL how much strength on avg did your lifts increase by on first cycle

    My bench almost tripled. Now I'm cutting and most of that super strength is gone, along with some muscle mass, but that's natty cutting for ya
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    Wu new terms?

    Shit is changing all the time. Listen to your source an discuss as little payment info online as possible is my opinion
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    need some Lean and Permanent Gains !?

    If you're diet is solid and you're training is consistent, you should keep a good amount of gains, irrespective Of compound used, granted you recover
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    testosterone vs deca

    Deca is pretty awesome, but a gram of T Is the better choice if you're not on TRT. Source: did deca, Am now on trt
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    Have I wasted some test? will I need to inject again?

    Fist of all, really silly of you to do that. If you aspirated and blood was in the plunger, you take the needle out, and at worst use a different injection sits with the same needle. at best change needles. NEVER inject into a sit that drew blood. Obviously you got lucky and Probably moved the...
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    Professional and Exp opinion ONLY - What are my chances of recovering?

    Hello comrades, In september I used severely underdosed test and NPP. I used these products for 2 months. Although it wasn't dosed enough for any results other than natty gains, it was surely enough to shut down or suppress my HPTA. After I stopped dosing, I could not hold an erection, had no...
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    How does my cycle look +hcg help

    Is this your first cycle? If it is, I think you have way too many drugs. Way more than needed. I'd stick with just the test @ 600-750 and tbol. You'll have great results. Run HCG from week 1, until your last pin, twice a week @ 250 iu. 2 vials should last you all 16 weeks. Start your...