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    Gyno and masteron.

    This is EXACTLY how I feel. Give me cold nips ALL the time lol
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    When can I start cutting?

    Lots of good advice in here. Just want to add one thing. Do you know how to calculate your current macros/calories? I know it's a basic question but far too often I see people over/under estimating either their intake (actual food intake), or their calculated goal numbers. Depending on where...
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    Bloodwork Price Increases

    Damn, my old $60 test is $191!!!!
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    used vial expiration

    If you would have pinned it in September, you should be safe to pin it now....assuming the cap looks intact and doesn't appear to have any leakage. Also assuming, you handled it safely, wiped cap with alcohol each time and didn't contaminate it with oil from a different vial or compound. If...
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    How long to cruise when BnC?

    What were your pre cycle blood work results like? We're those trt? If so, that's where you should be about 4-5 weeks post cycle before blasting again.
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    How long to cruise when BnC?

    Do you get blood work during cycle? Post?
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    GarlicChicken Intro

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    ASF. (Anabolic asteroid Forum) Reputation

    Haven't been able to login to ASF all day. Has there site been taken down? Like BOP?
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    Info on starting my first cycle.

    I think at this point I can only hope OP takes all the constructive advice in here. Definitely NOT a good starting point for AAS usage. That being said, a good blood panel might show severely low natural test levels which might warrant a TRT dose to aid in muscle gain and fat loss as well as...
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    Help me not die

    A carton a day for over 7+ years and not a single issue. Kirkland 99.9% pasteurized egg whites FTW
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    Help me not die

    We found that the NPU (net protein utilization)or EW (egg whites) was approximately 97%, irrespective of the heating. Furthermore, the NPU for EW was significantly higher than that for milk whey protein (90%). This result was comparable to previously reported values [10, 18]. Heating Has No...
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    Help me not die

    Any research data to support this? I've never heard such a thing, in fact I've heard more arguments to the contrary. The only benefit I could see to cooking is increasing TEF due to body having to break down a solid instead of using an already broken down liquid. Both sources contain a complete...
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    Help me not die

    I just drink the egg whites straight. The Costco cartons are 50g protein each and easy to chug down. Just make sure they're cold and shake well before drinking. More protein than any powder is going to provide
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    Help me not die

    Why do u want it flavorless? I'm confused on what you're trying to accomplish....
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    Help me not die

    Why do you want to add juice? What's wrong with water?